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Prof Paul Yip

PhD in Maths and Information Sciences, 1989

Director, Centre for Suicide Research and Professor, University of Hong Kong

Professor Paul Yip is the Director of the Centre for Suicide Research and a Professor at the University of Hong Kong. 

He holds a PhD in Maths and Information Sciences from La Trobe University, and is a member of the Class of 1989.

While Paul attended La Trobe, he lived on-campus at Glenn College, where he formed many great friendships. 

“We still keep contact with some of them and they have become our lifelong friends," Paul said.

"We still can recall the good old days at La Trobe. I mean we worked hard, we played hard at that time. But it does, I mean, give us a lot of very happy memories.”

Paul says the academics of La Trobe go the extra step to provide their students with an education that sets them apart from others.

“The teachers, they did not only want us to do well academically, but they do also trained us to be leaders in the field," he said.

"It really has inspired us that we always should look for the opportunity to serve the community in a timely manner. 

"La Trobe graduates, some of them, I think they have excellence in their own discipline."

Treasure the opportunity and make the most out of it, and then you will enjoy your time at La Trobe.

Since completing his studies at La Trobe and returning home to Hong Kong, Paul has delivered his skills in maths in a surprising way - to the incredibly pressing issue in society, suicide. Paul and his team are using data to detect people who are deemed at risk.

“We see the changes it has made ... we see how many tragedies have been prevented, and I think that is the exciting part," he said.

"That gives us motivation to continue to do work.”

Distinguished International IT and engineering Science

Last updated: 30th May 2019