Suzanne Young

Suzanne is the Associate Head of the La Trobe Business School - Partnerships, responsible for the School's external teaching partnerships located domestically and internationally. I was formerly the Head of Department of Management, Sport and Tourism and Head of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing in the La Trobe Business School. My previous roles have also been as Director of Executive Education and Director of Global Citizenship.

My areas of expertise include corporate governance, corporate responsibility, leadership and management and employee relations. I was influential in La Trobe becoming a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education and have developed relationships with industry and leading research consultancies in the area of Corporate Responsibility and Global Citizenship, Leadership and Organisational Change.

In my career, I have taught across management and governance discipline areas and specifically the subjects of Leadership, Organisational Behavior, Organisational Theory, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.  I have supervised 10 doctoral students to completion and am currently supervising 5 PhD students.

I have been actively involved in mentoring early career researchers through their PhD journey as well as in my leadership roles, especially as Head of Department and Associate Head of School. I have held multiple leadership roles in professional associations and domestic and international academic boards, including the European Academy of Management (EURAM) and the United Nations (UN) Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME), and Association of Industry Relations Academics of Australian and New Zealand (AIRAANZ).

I've taught extensively in international programs including Denmark, England, Vietnam, Mongolia, Singapore and Malaysia.

My interests are in the public sector, outsourcing, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and employee relations and my current research projects include corporate governance and sustainability, responsible management education, outsourcing and public sector management.

My research has been presented at national conferences in Australia, UK, Europe and America and I have published in Australian and international journals.

Recently, Suzanne worked with other senior academic women to deliver the La Trobe University Women’s Academic Promotions Support Program. The Peer Support Program for academic women seeking promotion has been a massive success with over 200 women taking part as either mentees or mentors.