Brittany Romas

In her own words (adapted from her Living History interview)

I’ve always wanted to do something great with my life, and I think that La Trobe can really help me do that.

My name’s Brittany Romas. I’m a student at La Trobe Bendigo. I’m studying physiotherapy and I plan to graduate in 2018.

La Trobe Bendigo has a history in my family. A few people have attended this University and have talked really quite highly about it, particularly my uncle who studied at the La Trobe Bendigo campus. It’s still got the same sense of community that I can talk about and he can go ‘Yeah, you know what? I totally agree’. I think that’s something that’s been really consistent with the University over the years.

Bendigo really accentuates the importance of regional health, and that’s quite important to me. I really do see eye to eye with the campus and what their intentions are with rural health.

I met the girls that I’m living with now when I was living on campus last year. I think that’s a really great thing about living on campus in your first year at University. In particular the housemate that I’m living with who is also studying physiotherapy, we’ve had that conversation about how important regional health is and how much of a great opportunity we would have in our career to stay in a place like Bendigo, if not Bendigo.

During summer time it’s always a bit of fun. Bendigo has some absolutely lovely weather. We’ve got some nice gardens and some park benches, and barbecues as well.

You’re surrounded by people who have the same intention as you, so there is a time to have fun, but when it is time to get down to business it’s quite easy to settle down and get into the rhythm of study.

La Trobe offers a lot of opportunities to people who want to engage in personal development and growth and who have dreams.