Bircan Erbas

Associate Professor Bircan Erbas is a leading biostatistician and has, for many years, developed multidisciplinary collaborations across academic, clinical and public health sectors.

Bircan holds a Bachelor of Science (hons), Master of Science and PhD from the University of Melbourne, and joined La Trobe University’s School of Psychology and Public Health in 2007.

Growing up in Melbourne’s North-Western suburbs, Bircan is passionate about actively collaborating with community groups. She firmly believes in the power of education and research to transform the lives of Melbourne’s northern communities and, as a leader, aspires to serve the community through research and teaching collaborations, and civic activity.

A practicing Muslim with Turkish ancestry, Bircan strives for social inclusion and deeply values La Trobe’s cultural diversity. She mentors students and staff from culturally, ethnic and diverse backgrounds, and her fundamental driver is to foster and support the next generation of global leaders.

Bircan has received a number of international awards for her development and application of statistical models for the analysis of longitudinal data.  She has attracted millions of dollars’ worth of research funding and has co-authored more than 120 academic referee publications. Bircan serves on the statistical editorial board of Respirology and is regional editor of International Journal of Environmental Health Research.