Belinda Westerlo

In her own words

My name is Belinda Westerlo, I currently work at La Trobe University and have a keen interest in the Education Sector. My mother is my primary motivation for wanting to work in the sector, she is the brightest person I know, and due to finances growing up and having a family early on she didn’t ever get the opportunity to go to University – I am sure that there was a great career out there for her had she gone.

Having lost my father in 2014 in an accident, I decided now was the time to study and do my Mum proud before I lost her too. In April this year, I proudly stood on the stage at the La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga Campus graduating after completing Post Graduate Studies, as a first in family graduate in front of my mother and immediate family – what a moment!

I believe anyone can study and at any time. Don’t listen to the voices that tell you that you need to be super smart to go to university; you don’t, as that is what you learn at University not beforehand.

My advice to all, enrol today as tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone!