Terms and conditions

1. In conjunction with Victorian Women’s Trust, La Trobe University (ABN 64 804 735 113) (“La Trobe”) is conducting a project called the Square The Ledger Project(“Project”) to honour, recognise, and celebrate women with a connection to La Trobe by hosting their stories in a digital space in perpetuity.

2. La Trobe and Victorian Women’s Trust have established a Project Steering Committee to oversee the Project (“Steering Committee”).

3. Members of the public (“Participants”) are invited to nominate a woman with a connection to La Trobe (“Nominee”). The Participant must complete the Square the Ledger nomination form, including contact details of the Nominee and a description of the contribution and impact of the Nominee (“the Story”).

4. La Trobe University has the right to shorten or extend the close date of the Nomination Period. No responsibility is accepted for late, lost, delayed or misdirected nominations.

5. Participants can nominate themselves or another person.

6. Participants can nominate more than one person.

7. The Nominee must be over 18 years old, otherwise Participants under the age of 18 years old must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian to nominate themselves.

8. By completing a nomination form for the La Trobe University Square the Ledger project, Participants agree that:

a)They own or have the right to submit the Story and any materials submitted with the nomination form, including any written, audio or visual materials (collectively “the Materials”), for the purposes set out in these terms;

b) The Materials and La Trobe’s use of the Story and the Materials will not:

i. infringe any person's copyright or other intellectual property rights;
ii. infringe any person's privacy rights or any applicable privacy laws; or
iii. breach any other laws;

c) La Trobe is permitted to share the Nominee’s contact details, the Story and any Materials submitted with the nomination form with the Victorian Women’s Trust

d) They grant to La Trobe and to the Victorian Women’s Trust a perpetual irrevocable, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, publish, adapt and communicate the Story and the Materials, including a right to sublicense, in any format, digital, hardcopy, online or otherwise, for the following purposes:

i. La Trobe’s or the Victorian Women’s Trust’s marketing and promotional purposes;
ii. administrative purposes related to the Project; and
iii. the further development of the Project.

9. The Steering Committee will review all nominations received during the Nomination Period. Any Story or Materials deemed inappropriate or offensive by the Steering Committee will be ineligible to be part of the Project.

10. The Steering Committee will select Nominees whose Story they wish to highlight (on the basis of their connection to La Trobe and contribution to society) and invite those Nominees to further develop and contribute their stories as part of the Project. Nominees will be contacted via the contact details provided in the nomination form.

11. La Trobe will not publish any personal information, Story or Materials relating to a Nominee without that Nominee’s express written consent.

12. La Trobe respects the privacy of Participants’ and Nominees’ personal information. Personal information submitted with a nomination form will be used for purposes related to the Project in accordance with the University’s privacy policies. Copies of La Trobe’s privacy policies are available at: www.latrobe.edu.au/privacy or upon request. For information, contact La Trobe’s Privacy Officer at: privacy@latrobe.edu.au

13. La Trobe may, but assumes no obligation to, publish the Story and the Materials and may modify or edit any part of the Story or the Materials that:

a) contain confidential, factually incorrect, offensive, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate content;
b) violate any law or infringe any intellectual property right of another person;
c) sell or promote any goods or services or other commercial, political or other ventures; or
d) do not comply with these terms.

14. For any questions relating to the nomination form and the Square the Ledger Project please contact: squaretheledger@latrobe.edu.au or on 03 9479 2070.