Decision making bodies

The University has three main decision making bodies:  Council, Academic Board and the Senior Executive Group.


The Council is the governing authority and has the direction and superintendence of the University.  The Council monitors aspects of University-wide activity. It oversees the implementation of the University Strategic Plan and approves the University's budget. Council appoints and works closely with the Vice-Chancellor as the University's Chief Executive and Academic Officer to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the University.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is the peak academic governance body established by University legislation, the Academic Board Statute, 2009 [PDF 34KB]. The legislation provides for an entity responsible to Council for academic oversight of the University.  This includes its awards, courses, programs and academic policies, and review of operations such as admissions, assessment and academic misconduct.

The Academic Board has established supporting committees and sub-committees [PDF 19KB].

Senior Executive Group

The Senior Executive Group is the principal management committee of the University.  It provides advice to the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to strategy, planning, resourcing and operations.  It also provides reports through the Vice-Chancellor to Council and Academic Board.