Services and facilities

The Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre (ASELCC) is part of our Community Children's Centre.

The Centre is set amongst our beautiful University Campus bushland.

The Centre is rated as ‘exceeding’ the National Quality Standard and has a strong focus on inclusive practice and teaching through play and daily routines.

There are two specialist rooms in the ASELCC, the Beetle and Possum rooms. These two rooms both cater to ten children with autism each day.

Each room has four qualified educators each day, including Certificate Three, Diploma and Bachelor qualified. Each classroom is also delegated a Room Leader: that is, an education specialist who is responsible for consulting with the education and allied health teams in implementing the group ESDM in their specialist room.

Our educators are either formally certified in ESDM or trained to target ESDM goals as part of a group curriculum.

With teams of teachers, educators, allied health clinicians and researchers, our specialist program provides education and care across key developmental domains.

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The classrooms are mainstream, high-quality early childhood education settings. There are places at our Community Children’s Centre (Bundoora) and at Gowrie Victoria (Docklands). Both early childhood education settings are rated as ‘exceeding’ the National Quality Standard.

The classrooms are staffed with qualified educators, including Certificate Three, Diploma and Bachelor qualified. While these educators are not formally trained in the ESDM, they are trained in facilitating the participation and inclusion of children with autism. In addition, the room leader collaborates with each child's Key Worker to identify strategies to further promote the generalisation of target sills across the day, as part of the room curriculum and program.

Our educators structure their approach so your child can reach their full potential with support from:

  • speech pathologists
  • occupational therapists
  • psychologists
  • key workers
  • therapy assistants

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