ESDM training programs

Our training team, including two ESDM Trainers, are highly trained in supporting trainees to develop their understanding of the ESDM and to become confident and skilled certified ESDM therapists.

The ESDM Advanced Workshop is a three-day workshop that focuses on building participants understanding of the ESDM across core areas, including:

  • how to complete an ESDM Curriculum Checklist assessment
  • identifying and writing suitable objectives and steps
  • embedding objectives into naturalistic routines
  • implementing fundamental ESDM teaching practices.

The Advanced Workshop combines theory and practice, allowing participants to receive coaching and feedback on these core principles over the three-day workshop from an ESDM Trainer.


It is important to note that there are prerequisites for undertaking the Advanced Workshop, including;

  • Work regularly with 12-48 month aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Have a bachelor’s or beyond or the academic equivalent from the country of origin
  • Work as part of a transdisciplinary team
  • Have completed the Online Introductory Workshop


Participants are placed in groups of 4-5, and the cost of the workshop is $2000 (inc. GST) per participant.

Once professionals have completed the ESDM Advanced Workshop they are eligible to undertake ESDM certification with an ESDM Trainer.

The certification supervision action plan contains five steps and supports trainees in their developing ESDM skills and knowledge by providing feedback across key areas, including the delivery of the ESDM Curriculum Checklist, development of suitable objectives and teaching steps and direct delivery of the ESDM.

Once trainees pass the supervision action plan, trainees are then registered as ESDM certified therapists.

The cost of ESDM certification is $2200 (GST inc.) per person.

How to express interest

Advanced Workshops are held throughout the year, both in-person and online, and participants on our wait list are notified of upcoming workshops.

To register interest in the ESDM Advanced Workshop, please contact (03) 9479 2122 or email

For further information about the ESDM training and certification process and prerequisites, please visit the ESDM website.

Our team are experienced in supporting and training services to deliver the ESDM in group-based settings, including Early Childhood and Early Intervention services.

Drawing from the manual co-authored by our team, Implementing the Group Based Early Start Denver Model for Preschoolers with Autism, our team provide on-site coaching and consultation to support services to:

  • set up the environment and resources utilising Group-ESDM principles
  • understand how to embed individual ESDM objectives as part of the group curriculum and program,
  • develop and implement roles and responsibilities across the room in line with the curriculum
  • write and develop learning experiences that includes information on how to facilitate both individual and group transitions, target both individual and group objectives, resources and so on,
  • reflect on your own practice using Group-ESDM fidelity tools.

Training and consultation is tailored to each site and can be delivered:

  • through a consecutive three day workshop
  • through one-day workshops, throughout the year
  • through ongoing consultation.

How to express interest

To find out more about Group-ESDM training and consultation, please contact (03) 9479 2122 or email