Galaxiella Billabong was constructed in 1981 with the aim of reintroducing the endangered Dwarf Galaxias (Galaxiella pusilla).

The first Galaxia placed in the pond came from a successful breeding program. The endangered Galaxia are now thriving and have spread to other water bodies throughout the Wildlife Sanctuary.

One fish species that we have within the Wildlife Sanctuary that we would rather not have, are Mosquito Fish (Gambusia holbrooki). Initially introduced to Australia in 1925 to control mosquito populations, this species has spread rapidly and has had a significant impact of native fish, frogs and invertebrates.

Species status*

R - resident, no known breeding; RB - resident, breeding; T - transient; NR - near resident and regular visitor; X - has occurred but now locally extinct

GALAXIIDAE (Galaxiids)
Broad-finned Galaxias, Galaxias brevipinnis (R)Dwarf GalaxiasGalaxias pusilla (RB)
Common Galaxias, Galaxias maculatus (RB)Spotted Galaxias, Galaxias truttaceus (T)
Pouched lamprey, Geotria australis (T)Short-finned eel, Anguilla australis (R)
GADOPSIDAE (River Blackfish)
Australian Smelt, Retropinna semoni (R)River Blackfish, Gadopsis marmoratus (X)
Australian Grayling, Prototroctes maraena (T)Tupong, Pseudaphritis urvilli (X)
KUHLIIDAE (Pigmy Perches)
Southern Pigmy Perch, Nannoperca australis (X) Flat-headed Gudgeon, Philypodon gradiceps (RB)
Yarra Pygmy Perch, Edelia obscura (X)-

*Taken from  Management Plan 2014 by Biosis

Scientific nomenclature is constantly changing! Names were accurate at the time of putting this together. We recommend cross checking names with Atlas of Living Australia.