Senior years (VCE)

Get your hands dirty and carry out an exciting investigation into an indigenous ecosystem.

Restoration Revolution

Unit 1 Environmental Science (AoS 1, 2 and 3)

3 Hours

Wetland investigation

Students will work collaboratively as well as independently to investigate the current state of one of the sanctuary wetlands. This will include a range of tasks involving the utilisation of quantitative and qualitative sampling methods to assess the health of the wetland, including using professional equipment, collecting samples in the field, classification and identification of aquatic macroinvertebrates and chemical testing.

Knowledge and application of the safety and ethical guidelines associated with undertaking an aquatic investigation is integral part of this experience.

Sanctuary tour

We will take the students on a tour of the Sanctuary where they will gain an insight into the history and ecology of the site. We will talk about some of the land management challenges we face when looking after a modifed landscape such as this.