Myki Commuter Club

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Making a change to your MYKI Commuter Club due to COVID-19

If your public transport use has changed due to COVID-19, there are options for how you can manage your myki Commuter Club card:

  • All Commuter Club cards can be paused, please contact PTV 1800 800 007 and a new card with remaining days will be sent to your given address.
  • Deductions from your fortnightly pay can either be paused through MyHR, or continued with cards paid off in advance of the new expiry date.
  • myki Commuter Club can also be cancelled - visit the PTV Refunds webpage to find out more.

La Trobe University Melbourne campus staff are able to purchase yearly Myki cards at a 10% discount. Continuing and fixed-term staff are able to purchase a Commuter Club pass through the fortnightly payroll deduction (after tax).

#Unfortunately the Commuter Club is not available to staff employed through external agencies and staff at regional campuses.

Myki Commuter Club Costs

Subject to Victorian Government changes.

myki 365 day pass

Full price

2020 Commuter Club price
Fortnightly Cost
Zone 1
No longer available
Zone 2
Zone 1+2

Compare the price of a Commuter Club ticket to a normal ticket by using the PTV Myki Money/Pass fare calculator.

Please ensure all that all applications are submitted by the third Monday of the month,  the University can only send applications to PTV once a month (usually the last working day of the month).

Commuter Club payments are deducted fortnightly from your salary and are only available to continuing and fixed term staff.

Please allow up to three weeks (from the end of the month) for your new card to be delivered or load pass added to your current MYKI Commuter Club card.


Public Transport Victoria Myki information

How Do I Apply / Renew My Myki Pass?

Please complete the online form which is located on the ASK.HR online service

  1. Click on ASK HR and select “Submit a form”
  2. Select "Employee"
  3. Then select “MYKI (Commuter Club)".
  4. Fill out the online application form (including the number of payments you wish pay of the card 1 – 26)
  5. Hit “Submit”.
  6. A notification will be sent to Sustainability for approval then your application will be processed by payroll.
  7. Please allow up to three weeks (from the end of the month) for your new card to be delivered to your home address or your renewal to be added to an existing Commuter Club card.

How will I know when my my Myki pass expires?

The expiry date is always shown on the reader when you touch on or off.

How will my new Myki pass be loaded onto my existing card?

Your new pass will be loaded onto your existing Commuter Club card. The new pass will only activate once the old pass has expired. You will not receive a new physical card.

The Environmental Sustainability Unit will notify Myki cardholders with a PTV email receipt once the new pass has been loaded.