Work and life experience

Evidence of prior professional and work experience can be taken into consideration for entry into undergraduate courses at La Trobe.

La Trobe considers your skill level and the duration of your work experience when assessing your application, but at least one year of full-time (or equivalent) work experience is required for this to be considered.

The University uses the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations and the Australian Qualifications Framework to establish your skill level to assist in determining your eligibility.

Please refer to your preferred course’s entry requirements on Find-a-course to determine if work experience can be considered in your application.

International applicants should contact La Trobe International for information on eligibility based on work experience.

Bachelor of Education pathway

The La Trobe University School of Education program, Support2Teach, provides a unique pathway in our Bachelor of Education degree. If you have at least two years of work experience as an Education Support Officer in an Australian primary or secondary school, you can gain entry into our Diploma of Teacher Education. The diploma can be studied part-time and successful completion may provide an opportunity to enter the Bachelor of Education degree.

Before you apply

Have you checked work and life experience is accepted for your course?

What you need to provide

What you need to provide depends on whether you are an employee or are self-employed.


You’ll need to provide a personal statement and documentation to verify your employment and duration. Ask your relevant employer/s for a statement of service which must be written on company letterhead including the following:

  1. your full name
  2. whether you are/were employed on a full-time or part-time basis
  3. the hours you work per week
  4. your position title
  5. the period of employment in the position
  6. details of the duties of the position
  7. a signature from your employer.

Self Employed

You’ll need to provide a personal statement and a letter from your accountant or solicitor on their letterhead which must include the following:

  1. your full name
  2. how long you have been continuously engaged in the business
  3. the nature of the business
  4. the signature of the accountant or solicitor

How to apply

  1. Visit the Find-a-course to find out how to apply.
  2. Submit your personal statement outlining your work history, why you're interested in your chosen course, the subject areas that interest you, and why/how the course fits in with your educational and/or career goals.
  3. Attach a Statement of Service.