Admissions processes for postgraduate Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs)

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) have a limited quota - once a quota is met, full-fee places will be made available.

CSPs are allocated to applicants that have met the entry requirements and that have completed an application. An application is considered complete when all required documentation has been supplied and verified. Entry requirements can be found on the relevant course page.

Meeting minimum prerequisites does not guarantee an offer of a place. Entry into all La Trobe courses is based on competitive selection and there will be limited places available.

Applicants made a conditional offer for a CSP will need to satisfy those conditions and accept their offer and enrol within three working days. If applicants do not accept the offer and enrol within three business days, the offer will lapse. If an offer lapses, this offer will then be made to the next eligible applicant.

Once accepted, CSP places cannot be deferred.

Course application close dates

Courses with CSP quotas can close early if the quota is met.

Do not delay submitting and completing your application.

Special conditions

Master of Nursing

CSPs for the Master of Nursing are only available for La Trobe University partner hospitals.

Master of Teaching

Unconditional offers will not be made until applicants have met the entry requirements including completing the CASPer test to support selection into Master of Teaching programs.

CASPer is a selection tool used by academic programs to help assess your non-academic attributes and people skills.

View more information on the CASPer test

The test is only available to complete on specific dates and you’ll need to plan and register in advance in order for your results to be processed and considered with your application. There is also fee associated for undertaking the test.

View CASPer test dates and fees and reserve your test