Dr. Atomic Leow

DrPhil (Toxicology), La Trobe University, BAgriScience (Hons) La Trobe University, DipEd, La Trobe University

Course of study:

Dr Leow holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Honours) and Diploma in Education from La Trobe University. He is also a Doctor of Philosophy (Toxicology), the result of a La Trobe University Research Scholarship for PhD research in toxicology of drugs.

Following a career as one of Singapore’s foremost hydroponic research scientists and tertiary educators, Dr Atomic Leow Chuan Tse recently achieved a life-long ambition graduating as a Doctor of Medicine from University GT Popa of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania in June this year.

What has been your greatest career challenge? How did you navigate this challenge?

My greatest career challenge has been to switch from a working professional and research scientist back to a student again at the University GT Popa of Medicine and pharmacy in Romania, especially in my early 60s.

In my six years of studies in the medical faculty, I’ve had to overcome many obstacles including the tremendous generation gap between myself and my younger peers. I also had to adapt to the freezing Romanian weather to attend my lectures and my daily hospital duties and unfortunately had to deal with a number of health scares during my studies. Despite all these odds, I graduated in the top 10 per cent of my cohort with the medical degree on 25th June 2015.

I have been recognised in Romanian media as the oldest medical graduate in the world beating the current title holder held by Dr. TSN Rathakrishnan of India who graduated with a Medical degree at the age of 64. I am proud to have mentioned my time at La Trobe University to the Romanian media…La Trobe is now a household name to Romanians!

Do you have a personal philosophy that you bring to your work?

Yes, my personal philosophy is “Nothing is impossible if you set your mind on it”. This philosophy is again shaped by my vigorous PhD training in Toxicology at La Trobe where I often had to spend nights without sleep to meticulously collect the radioactivity counting data in front of the Scintillation Counter and to harvest and centrifuged hundreds of litters of E.coli bacterial culture for sonication.

Do you have any sage advice for those starting out in their careers?

Persevere in all you that you undertake, give your very best in whatever you do, and lift the good name of La Trobe University flying high where ever you may be.

Where to from here?

Practicing medicine, healing the sick and helping those who cannot afford medical health service.

What impact did La Trobe have on your career and life?

If not for La Trobe University, there would be no Dr. Leow Atomic Chuan Tse of today. La Trobe University will always be my favorite and first choice university

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