VCE Physical Education Programs

Give Year 11 and 12 VCE Physical Education students real life experiences in our world-class sport and exercise science labs.

Teachers and students will be guided by our very own leading industry academics in a safe and fun environment. Workbooks will be provided for teachers and students to ensure you receive not only a hands-on approach to learning but also learning activities that can be used to reinforce key learning concepts back in the classroom.

Choose from our range of Sport & Exercise Science services below:

This laboratory will explore the characteristics of the three energy systems active during exercise, focusing on their interplay in relation to exercise intensity, duration and type.

Activities will include an assessment and analysis of maximal oxygen consumption, lactate threshold, anaerobic capacity and explore the factors that contribute towards fatigue under varying conditions.

This laboratory will examine athlete testing methods, including lower body power and the basic biomechanical factors of a jump.

Activities will include lower body power testing and vertical jump testing and examine the parameters involved in exercise programming to ensure specific performance gains are obtained.

This laboratory will investigate the role of the cardiovascular system in thermoregulation, including homeostasis, hyperthermia and hypothermia. We will explore what happens to the body when exercising in the heat by completing bouts of exercise in an environmental chamber, before looking at some cooling strategies to enhance performance and offset exercise-induced fatigue.

This laboratory will introduce you to two common biomechanical principles – velocity summation of body segments, and the speed-accuracy trade-off that exists within movement. Using video cameras and motion analysis software (Kinovea), we will investigate how these principles affect our technique during AFL kicking and a basketball free-throw.

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