Our sports facilities are available to staff, students and the general public. We provide an wide range of both indoor, outdoor and off campus facilities.


Fully Equipped Gymnasium with equipment to cater for all types of people and levels of fitness!

  • Technogym cardiovascular and machine weights
  • Functional fitness area
  • Weightlifting platforms
  • Plenty of racks, benches and free weights.

Friendly qualified staff ready to help you with everything health and fitness!

Fitness Assessments

Free for current Gym & Gold pass holders.

    • One-on-one pre exercise screening
    • Body composition analysis
    • Sub-maximal aerobic fitness test
  • Personalised Program

    Free for current Gym & Gold pass holders.

    • Tailored specifically to help reach your goals from information collected in your fitness assessment
    • Personal one hour session guiding you through your new program, step by step
  • Swimming Pool

    Lap It Up Club

    Ever wanted an easy way to record how far you swim in a week, month o year? Then the Lap It Up Club is the answer for you! IT'S SIMPLE. Distances you swim are recorded by our pool lifeguards. At set milestones you will be awarded with prizes for your achievements.

    Best of all it's free to join, just talk to the lifeguard next time you are in.

    Group Exercise Studio

    • Sprung wooden floorboards
    • Air conditioned
    • Approx 300 sq/m
    • Mirrored wall
    • Stereo

    Plays host to:


    For bookings complete the sport facility enquiry form and we will contact you within two working days.