Terms and Conditions

Access and Usage

To meet the state government's new guidelines regarding COVID-19, we’ve had to make some changes to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

  • The social distancing requirements of 1.5m between individuals should be adhered to.
  • The Sports Stadium will have its courtside curtain divider nets lowered to ensure a distinctive separation between groups.
  • All visitors must adhere to the facility social distancing and circulation guidance and signage when arriving, navigating and departing any university facility.
  • Each club or long-term hiring group is to have completed the Sport & Recreation Victoria ‘Return to Play Guidance for Community Sport and Recreation Organisations’ and adhere to all specific guidelines to their sport as outlined by SRV.
  • Contact sports must be modified to maintain physical distancing.
  • Use of shared sporting equipment should be minimised and there should be no sharing of equipment that touches the face or head.
  • Only equipment with smooth, hard surfaces should be available for use and sanitised between uses.
  • All activity must comply with your relevant state governing body advice.
  • No application of sports strapping or massage treatments to be administered by a second person, individuals should prepare self-application of these.
  • Access to club and changing room areas will not be made available.
  • Access to equipment that has been agreed to in the booking agreements will be made available during booking times and controlled by our staff.
  • Restricted access to toilets will be available during booking times and controlled by our staff.
  • We will have Sports Facility Supervisors rostered to assist the user groups in the management of access and usage. The Supervisor hours will be from 12.00 pm – 8.00 pm Monday to Friday and weekends - subject to demand.
    • Indoor Sports Centre Supervisor can be contacted on Ph: 9479 2973
    • Sports Stadium Supervisor can be contacted on Ph: 9479 2924
  • No social gatherings to be held before and after training sessions.
  • User groups are encouraged to stagger the training start/finish times of the groups to ensure the above can be effectively delivered. This may require sessions to be shortened.
  • Such bookings to be held in a spectator-free environment with the minimum support staff available to support delivery.
  • All user groups are encouraged to strongly recommend all members and officials download and use the COVID safe application.
  • Enhanced hygiene measures of participants are essential to reducing the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Examples of personal hygiene measures that should be promoted include handwashing and covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
  • Management of First Aid Incidents – managing a First Aid incident during booking times:
    • Wear appropriate PPE (surgical gloves, face shield/protective eyewear and face mask).
    • Assess personal safety using DRABCD and respond to treatment accordingly.
    • Call for help; ensure staff are called upon for assistance.
    • Post-treatment administration of incident reporting to be submitted through the Sports Facilities Supervisor.
  • No exceptions policy - User groups are directly responsible for enforcing the above policies and accept the conditions that are enforced to ensure the health and wellbeing of our community is the priority. Individual Clubs will be held accountable for any ramification that arises from not doing so, for example, fines, forfeiting access to facilities and reporting of breaches to local authorities.
  • Group-based training, each group of people are to wear a uniform coloured training bib to distinguish and segregate all user groups. The bibs should be purchased and given to the club members to maintain, no sharing of bibs or alike to take place.
  • 2-person limit per squash court, no doubles.
  • People who present to the La Trobe University Sports facilities with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat and shortness of breath) will be instructed to leave the campus immediately and seek medical advice.
  • Any person that feels unwell or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 virus must not visit the La Trobe University campus.

General Access

  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied and actively supervised by a responsible adult when using the Sport Centre.
  • Senior discounts are available to all those who hold a valid Pension or Senior card.
  • Patrons under 16 years of age who wish to use the gymnasium must obtain permission from the Sports Manager.
  • Any persons under the age of 18 will require the consent of a parent or guardian prior to becoming a member of the Sports Centre and will be liable for their obligations in these terms.
  • Hours of operation may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Membership holders may use lockers in the change rooms during their visit. Lockers are free of charge for the first 2 hours for membership holders.
  • Each visit, members must report and register to reception on entering the Sports Centre and present their membership card prior to entering the facilities.
  • Photography and videography is strictly prohibited within La Trobe Sport Facilities including the Indoor Sports Centre, Sports Park Stadium and Sports Park Fields. Pre-approval for photos and videos may be provided by emailing sport@latrobe.edu.au.

Safety to you and others

  • Patrons who have been inactive for 12 months or more, or are over 35 years of age should seek medical clearance from their General Practitioner prior to commencing any physical activity.
  • In the interest of patrons’ safety and enjoyment, management will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour. Such behaviour may result in ejection from the centre, suspension, or termination of membership.
  • Please observe all rules, signs, staff instructions and codes of conduct within the centre.
  • Appropriate training attire and footwear must be worn at all times.
  • All gym users must carry and use a towel.
  • For security purposes your photo may be taken and stored.
  • Under no circumstances are patrons allowed to use electronic devices for recording or capturing images.
  • Security surveillance is recorded throughout the Sports Centre.
  • At no time is a member to enter the Sports Centre under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs and/or medications that states strenuous activity to be avoided on its warning label.
  • At all times members must respect the property of the Sports Centre and of others and will be liable for any damaged caused.
  • For our Child Safety Policy please visit www.latrobe.edu.au/statements/child-safety

Membership Agreements

  • Membership Agreements are an agreement between you and the La Trobe University Sports Centre ABN: 64804735113 and include all of the Terms and Conditions listed below. Please ensure you read these carefully, once understood, you must sign your acceptance to these as they form the governance of our membership agreement.
  • Termination of Membership Agreement by you must be in writing and can only occur under the following circumstance;
    • You may terminate your membership within 7 days of the join date should you feel the club doesn’t meet your expectations or your circumstances have changed, this forms your cooling off period. During this time you are entitled to a full refund minus any visitations/services used that you made in the cooling-off period. Each of these sessions will be charged at the advertised non-member casual rate. You must return any property owned by our Sports Centre. After this period, all membership passes, casual visits and complimentary vouchers are non-transferable, non-refundable and non-redeemable.
  • Membership suspensions are available on all fixed term passes. A minimum suspension period of 2 weeks is required and a maximum suspension period of 12 months allowable. A $5 processing fee applies.
  • A court use membership is valid from February 1 – January 31. This must be purchased by each individual wishing to play table tennis or use the basketball side rings, unless the individual has a court booking or holds a current Foundation, Essentials or Platinum Membership.


Our Sports Centre respects the privacy of your personal information. We collect personal information as part of the registration process for services offered at the Sports Centre. If your personal information is not provided to us then you may not be able to register/participate in services offered by this centre. You may have the right to access the personal information that we hold about you subject to any exceptions in relevant laws, by contacting us via sport@latrobe.edu.au. For our Privacy Policy, please visit www.latrobe.edu.au/statements/privacy

COVIDSafe Plan

To view our COVIDSafe Plan for our sport facilities on the Bundoora Campus, click here.