Exercise Physiology Lab

The Exercise Physiology Lab is fitted out with exercise testing apparatus’ as required.

You may see any number of the 11 ParvoMedics Metabolic Carts on hand, or a suite of treadmills, bicycles and rowing ergometers.

The research lab is also home to a small biochemistry/blood analysis area, and our environmental chamber. The environmental chamber can simulate both heat and altitude and is used by athletes for acclimatisation to either or both, of these conditions.

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The La Trobe environmental chamber can simulate both hot/humid (up to 95% relative humidity at 40°C) and high-altitude (hypoxia) (up to 10% oxygen, ~5,800 m simulated altitude) environments. Training within these simulated environments allows athletes to become acclimatised to these conditions and assists in minimising the effect of (heat/altitude) associated performance decrements. To attain the associated benefits, acclimatisation packages utilising the chamber several times are highly recommended.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 5 x 1hr Sessions

Participants: Max 5 athletes per testing package

Cost: $150 p/h ($750min spend)

An incremental exercise test is considered the ‘gold-standard’ measure of cardiorespiratory fitness (i.e., VO2max). The endurance testing package provides an accurate indication of an individual’s aerobic fitness level by continuously collecting expired gas samples as they breathe through a mouthpiece during exercise. This test also involves finger prick blood samples and measurement of heart rate to establish power (or speed) and heart rate training zones. A report detailing blood lactate profile, VO2max, and heart rate training zones will be provided to summarise test results.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 1 athlete per test

Cost: $240 per athlete

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