Exercise Physiology Lab

Our Exercise Physiology Lab is fitted out with the most cutting-edge exercise physiology technology to simulate your training to any conditions.

Our labs are home to a number of bikes, treadmills and rowing machines suitable for fitness testing, as well as a biochemistry/blood analysis area and  environmental chamber. The environmental chamber can simulate both heat and altitude and is used by athletes for acclimatisation to either or both of these conditions. Meanwhile, the bikes, treadmills and rowing machines are equipped to measure your cardiorespiratory fitness.

The La Trobe environmental chamber can simulate both hot/humid and high-altitude (low air pressure/less breathable oxygen) environments. Training within these simulated environments allows athletes to  get used to these conditions and assists in minimising the effect of heat and altitude associated performance decrements. To attain the associated benefits, acclimatisation packages utilising the chamber several times are highly recommended.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 5 x 1hr Sessions

Participants: Max 5 athletes per testing package

Cost: $150 p/h ($750min spend)

An incremental exercise test is considered the ‘gold-standard’ measure of cardiorespiratory fitness (i.e., VO2max).

A VO2max test is a maximal exercise test performed on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine while connected to a machine capable of analysing the participant’s expired air. The test provides data on how much oxygen one can use during exercise and determines the maximal oxygen that the individual can consume during exercise. A report detailing blood lactate profile, VO2max, and heart rate training zones will be provided to summarise test results.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: 1 athlete per test

Cost: $240 per athlete

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