Biomechanics Lab

The La Trobe Biomechanics Lab is home to high performance sport testing and analysis.

It includes a 40m running track with two in-ground force plates for running gait analysis. An additional four in-ground force plates are located in a general-purpose space, and a specially designed kicking area which opens directly out onto our FIFA accredited pitch.

Alongside the numerous force plates, two sets of VICON 3D motion capture cameras are used for kinematic and kinetic analysis of actions ranging from walking and running, through to jumping and kicking.

If you want to improve your running capability and reduce your risk of injury, book in a 2D Gait Analysis session with our leading experts.

With running the most common mode of locomotion in sport, it is an extremely important aspect of movement to understand and master. This assessment provides athletes with a better understanding of how they run and assists in identifying areas for improving performance and reducing risk of injury. A combination of clinical screening (foot posture, anthropometrics, strength and flexibility) and biomechanical equipment will be used for this assessment. Video cameras are used to film and analyse running gait. A report will be provided detailing gait testing results.

Product Inclusions:

Duration: 2 hours

Participant: 1 athlete per test

Cost: $325 per athlete

More details to come.

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