La Trobe University is a member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network, which recognises the unique needs of students who participate and compete in sport at an elite level.

We are committed to providing elite athlete students assistance and support by successfully combining their academic and sporting pursuits through the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program (LEAP).

Find out if you're eligible

Current and prospective domestic students can apply for LEAP if they are competing in a national or international level of competition and are endorsed by their relevant sport governing body.
These include:

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institute or Academy of Sport
  • AFL Players' Association
  • Australian Cricketers Association
  • Rugby Union Players Association
  • Rugby League Players Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers Association
  • The Australian Ballet
  • National squad members from Sport Australia funded sports
  • Senior/head coaches from state and territory institutes/academies of sport, national senior teams from Sport Australia funded sports or participating professional sports

International students may be considered eligible for LEAP if they are competing at a national level under an Australian National Sporting Organisation.

Athletes are required to provide a letter of support from their state/national governing body to endorse their status as an elite athlete. A list of national sporting organisations recognised by Sport Australia can be found here.

Apply for the Elite Athlete Program

Applications for the 2018 Semester 2 intake are now closed. Students can continue to apply for the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program, but applications will be assessed on an ad-hoc basis.  Applications for the 2019 program intake will open towards the end of 2018.

To apply to LEAP, complete the online application form and submit your supporting documentation from your sport governing body.

STEP 1: Check if you're eligible (are you competing at a national level? Is your sport endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission?)

STEP 2: Fill out the online application form

STEP 3: Submit your completed form online, along with your supporting documentation

You will be advised of your acceptance into the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program (LEAP) via email.

If you require further information please contact eliteathletes@latrobe.edu.au

Elite athlete VTAC adjustment factor

La Trobe University recognises the unique needs of student athletes who compete in elite sport while studying.

For future students applying for admission into an undergraduate course via VTAC, La Trobe University offers elite athlete students access to an adjustment factor through the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program.

Eligible elite athletes may have a five aggregate point adjustment factor applied towards their admission to La Trobe.

The scheme is only available to domestic undergraduate applicants who:

  • meet the eligibility criteria as an elite athlete as outlined under the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program
  • apply for their chosen La Trobe University courses through VTAC (as per VTAC course application timings)
  • Can demonstrate that their elite sport commitments have impacted on their previous studies
  • complete the online application form

Eligibility to the scheme does not automatically lead to an offer of a place; you will still be required to meet the prerequisites and additional requirements (if applicable) of the course and compete for a place on the basis of academic merit.

After you apply

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.  If you meet the eligibility criteria, your application to the scheme, in conjunction with your VTAC application, will be considered by a selection committee to determine if the five bonus aggregate points will be applied.

Should your application be successful, you will be advised of your acceptance into the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program after VTAC offers are released in January 2018. Once you have enrolled at La Trobe, you will be automatically registered into the Elite Athlete Program.

If you require further information please contact Ms Renee Frizzell, Elite Athlete Program Coordinator, La Trobe Sport, 9479 1687 or e-mail at eliteathletes@latrobe.edu.au.

Have a question? We can help.

Renee Frizzell
Sport Development Manager
HS1 Level 2, Room 249
La Trobe University Bundoora
T: (03) 9479 1687
E: eliteathletes@latrobe.edu.au