Navigating policy reform

Navigating Successful Policy Reform

Navigating Successful Policy Reform is a research paper series undertaken by the Centre for Human Security and Social Change at La Trobe University and Coalitions for Change, a partnership between The Australian Government and The Asia Foundation in The Philippines.

The series explores developmental policy reforms across three different contexts that each demonstrate politically smart and learning-oriented ways of working within challenging political contexts. The cases investigate whether reform stories bear similarities to the development entrepreneurship approach, which has been successful in the Philippines and documented by Coalitions for Change.

The case studies include:

  • banning of single use plastics in Kenya;
  • securing reserved seats for women in Vanuatu’s municipal councils;
  • passage of the Disability Law in Indonesia.

The researchers for each case study worked closely with key individuals involved in driving these reforms to understand their ways of working.

Key products to date include:

Case Study No. 1: Reducing Plastic Pollution in Kenya by Clare Cummings and Francis Oremo

An interview with Professor Judi Wakhungu, a former Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Water and Natural Resources, who championed the ban on thin plastic bags in Kenya.

Case Study No. 2: Securing Reserved Seats for Women in Vanuatu's Municipal Councils by Allan Mua Ilingworth and Elizabeth Faerua.

An interview with the late Dorosday Kenneth-Watson, former Director of Women's Affairs, who was instrumental in securing reserved seats for women.