Clubs, societies and student groups

University life is not just about the course you are studying. You can enrich your university experience by getting involved in any number of student groups.

La Trobe Student Association

The La Trobe Student Association represents the student body and helps make uni a fun place to be. Get involved, have your say as a student and get to know lots of other students in different courses. Check out our Student Association Facebook page.

Student Union

Our Student Union is a great place to find out about:

  • student support
  • student events
  • clubs
  • information for international students
  • Rabelais (our independent magazine for the 'student voice') and much more.

Student ambassadors

Becoming a student ambassador on campus is a great opportunity. It enables you to gain experiences in talking to audiences such as students, parents and careers teachers about life at La Trobe. You'll have regular briefings and a two-day training conference. You will also participate in many events both on- and off-campus, like Open Day and Careers Day Out.

Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs)

Sharpen your academic skills as you assist other students. PLAs are experienced and successful students who assist other students with their studies and use of the library.

Educational Partnerships Program

Develop leadership and communication skills by assisting the Educational Partnerships Program to work collaboratively with secondary schools in our region.

Mentoring program

Our Industry Mentoring Program gives you the opportunity to connect with an industry professional. You'll have access to a professional mentor working in your chosen field, who will help you grow your confidence and develop your professional networks.

Meet our students

Photo of Jess Grant

After an Advanced Diploma in Acting, I completed the Tertiary Enabling Program which gave me a pathway into the Bachelor of Early Childhood & Primary Education. My arthritis has affected all my joints and left me with the inability to do most tasks. I put my hand up for any opportunity that came my way at uni – I have been the President of the Shepparton Students’ Association, worked as a Peer Learning Advisor, Student Facilitator and Connect Leader. The Shepparton Campus has been awesome – friendly, you feel welcomed. For someone like me who is part of a minority group, it can be hard to feel like you are a part of something bigger – yet I do feel a part of everything here.

Jess Grant
Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education,
Shepparton Campus
Photo of Mariam McGotter

I want to make the most out of my uni experience and try everything. The Shepparton Campus is small and you know everyone and everyone knows you – you are always connected and there for each other. There is so much support from everyone – everyone wants to help you to succeed. I have really benefited from my experience as the Vice President of the Shepparton Students’ Association, Peer Learning Advisor and Student Facilitator, and also does some work as a Student Ambassador.