Electronic card access

Staff with electronic access control to buildings or lecturers requiring access to the various lecture theatres (Central Teaching spaces) will need to have their card programed to gain entry.

Some areas may be restricted and further approval must be obtained from the relevant Area/Department Manager.

Request access

To request access to secure areas for a staff or student card.

Melbourne Campus

Complete the Access Request Form and provide details of where access is required.

Regional campuses

Advise and assistance is available from the Infrastructure and Operations Service Desk.

When access has been assigned to your staff/student card for central teaching space unlocking, any future installations of electronic access control to centrally room booked spaces will be automatically assigned to your card. (No need to ask for an update if you already have access to the Eastern Lecture Theatres for instance) A list of these areas currently in operation, and planned future installations is provided below.

Further assistance and advice is available from the Infrastructure and Operations Service Desk

Teaching venue access - lecturers

(Centrally Room booked teaching spaces/areas under proximity card electronic access control)

Those areas designated under centrally room booked teaching spaces have the ability to lock open and remain open via staff card.

To unlock lecture theatres:

  • badge the card once over the card reader (lightly touch the card to the reader) to unlock the door.
  • wait two seconds and then badge the card again to keep the door unlocked, if in secure mode.
  • to secure the door, close the door and repeat the double badge action.

Centrally Room booked areas under access control:

  • ELT (Eastern Lecture Theatres 1 - 6)
  • WLT (Western Lecture Theatres 1 - 3)
  • Thomas Cherry (X1) Lecture Theatre - X1 Hooper/Szental Lecture Theatres
  • SW5 Hooper/Szental Math Tutorial 102
  • SW1 (Physical Sciences 2 - Room 110)
  • Glenn College (GC) Lecture Theatre
  • Glenn College (GC) Airport Lounge
  • EMC (Graduate School of Management - LT)
  • AT (Agora Theatre and Cinema)
  • SE6 (Education 1) Level 4 - Main corridor entry (for entry to centrally booked rooms on this level)
  • Menzies College (MC) - Level 1 access via the stairwell to the Dining Hall Conference Centre on level 2
  • NE4 (Martin Building) Rooms 362A/B, Computer Labs 441A/B
  • NW11 (Health Sciences 3) Rooms 301, 302, 304, 305, 308, 309, 310, 311, 325, 326, 402
  • Peribolos West (PW) Room 219
  • SE2 (Education 2) - HU-ED Lecture Theatre (P104)
  • NE2 - Social Sciences - Room 127

Future electronic card access areas to be enabled:

  • SE3 - David Myers East :Undercroft Lecture Theatre [2013]
  • NW09 - Health Sciences 1 - Rooms 136, 249, 301, 302 [2013]
  • NW10 - Health Sciences 2 - Rooms 222, 223, 224 [2013]
  • NE2 - Social Sciences - Rooms 102, 132, 232, 302, 402, 429 [2013]
  • NE4 - Martin Building - Room 141, 241A, 341 [2013]

Student access

Faculties/Departments can request that certain students (such as PG/PhD) can gain access to their buildings and labs after hours. Authorisation is required from the Lecturer/Unit Coordinator.