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If you're keen to build a rewarding career in teaching, La Trobe's Nexus program is for you.

Get the skills, experience, and confidence you need to make a real difference in the classroom.

As a Nexus student, you will benefit from:

  • a Commonwealth supported place
  • part-time payment at teacher aide rates in your first year
  • full-time paid employment with 0.8 teaching load in the school as a paraprofessional with Permission to Teach in your second year of study before you graduate
  • up to $14,900 in financial support on top of your salary
  • A close community of practice including Nexus support, school mentors and community engagement
  • Our support continues after graduation. As a Nexus alumnus you will receive employment support and opportunities for professional development in social justice areas for your first two years in the profession.

To enquire about Nexus, get in touch with us via

Nexus courses

Nexus is offered as part of the Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (Primary).

Master of Teaching (Primary)

Master of Teaching (Primary)

Our new Master of Teaching (Primary) gives you the choice, flexibility and support you need to make a difference in young people's lives.

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Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Our new Master of Teaching (Secondary) gives you the choice, flexibility and support you need to make a real impact on the academic and developmental needs of young people.

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Apply for Nexus

Before you apply:

Make sure you have your La Trobe applicant ID (which is emailed to you after you have applied for the Master of Teaching), referee details, and your 500-word written statement ready. The statement should include information about your background, experience and why you want to become a teacher. There is no option to save and exit the application form.

Please note you will need to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply for Nexus.

Entry criteria

Your application will be considered against the following:

  • demonstrated passion for social justice
  • previous university degree with good results
  • culturally diverse background. Indigenous applicants, those from non-English speaking backgrounds, with disabilities, or from rural communities are strongly encouraged to apply
  • knowledge in high needs areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics, other discipline specialisations are also considered.
  • strong interpersonal skills, resilience and commitment to become a high-quality teacher
  • undergraduate degree in a discipline other than teaching. This is a non-negotiable condition
  • permanent residency or citizenship of Australia. This is a non-negotiable condition.

Contact us to find out more about the application requirements.

Frequently asked questions

We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate a commitment to social justice. We give strong preference to those with undergraduate degrees for methods or teaching areas such as mathematics, some areas of science, technology studies, English, teaching English to speakers of other languages and languages.

Preference is also given to candidates from regional Victoria or New South Wales and amazing opportunities exist for those willing to relocate to schools in rural or regional locations. Indigenous candidates and those from diverse cultural backgrounds are also encouraged to apply.

You will need a weighted average mark (WAM) or grade point average (GPA) of >65% in your undergraduate degree to be eligible for consideration.

Nexus students can enrol in either the 18 month (1.5 year accelerated) or two-year Master of Teaching (Secondary). Find out more.

The course involves a combination of face-to-face and online learning.

Nexus students commit to attending two Nexus intensives in their first year and fortnightly online workshops. This will require travel to Melbourne or Bendigo pending travel restrictions. All expenses are paid, including travel, accommodation and a small daily living allowance. There is another intensive in the second year prior to graduation.

There are two intakes, in February and July. Nexus begins with a one-week intensive I prior to the semester starting. Students must be able to attend the intensive program.

There are no up-front fees if you are an Australian citizen. All Nexus places are Commonwealth supported (CSP). Please check whether you are eligible.

The financial support consists of a $12,500 equity scholarship and a $2,400 stipend.

No separate applications are necessary as both equity scholarship and stipend are part of the Nexus program.

Scholarship payment schedule:

Nexus candidates will receive $9,900 in total in their first year (paid in fortnightly instalments) while they are working in schools.

A final lump sum payment of $2,600 is made when candidates complete the Nexus program and are a provisionally registered teacher within the 2-year maximum timeframe since commencement of studies.

Stipend payment schedule:

If you are studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary) or (Primary), you will also receive a $2,400 stipend during the school summer break in the first year.

Payments are subject to personal income tax and will cease if a candidate discontinues the Nexus program for any reason.

Deferral is not possible. Nexus does not allow for part-time study.

All Nexus students are offered part-time employment while they study.

In Victoria, Nexus students are employed as Education Support Officers in schools, working one day per week in term two and two days per week in terms three and four.

In the second year of study, Victorian Nexus students are offered full-time employment as a paraprofessional, paid at   the full rate with a  0.8 teaching load and 0.2 set aside for studies/professional development.

We understand that the pay for the first year does not cover living expenses. Some students undertake other part-time work, with an awareness that this is a demanding course.

We have Nexus students working in schools across Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne. If your application is successful, we will aim to match you to a school within a one-hour commute from your home address.

In some rare cases, candidates’ discipline specialisations cannot be matched with school needs in the immediate surroundings. This is less likely in regional and rural areas, as good teachers in many subject areas are highly sought after.

If you are happy to relocate, please inform us in your written statement as part of the application process.


Applicants for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (Primary) in Victoria can apply from early August.

If you are from New South Wales and would like to become part of the Nexus program please contact

The Nexus team will assess your application and determine if you match the needs of Nexus schools. If you are eligible, you will be invited to a face-to-face or Zoom interview with the Nexus team from La Trobe and an attending Principal. Please note that the matching process can take time.

Only successful candidates will be notified. We assess applications and contact potential candidates from early August to mid-January. If you are not accepted for the Nexus program your application for the mainstream Master of Teaching (Secondary) or Master of Teaching (Primary) will remain active.

In addition to the usual feedback and complaints procedure, both successful and unsuccessful students can voice their concerns about Nexus directly with the Department of Education.

Department of Education 
GPO Box 9880
Canberra, ACT, 2601
Phone: 1300 566 046