Dean's welcome

Welcome to the School of Education.

We welcome you to the School of Education! We are thrilled to have you here with us on this exciting journey in the education sector. Our team of passionate thought leaders is committed to driving positive change and we invite you to join us in making a difference.

Our innovative and dynamic approach to education sets us apart as a leading institution. We're proud to be trailblazers in teacher education and are dedicated to preparing future educators who are committed to helping students of all ages reach their full potential.

At the School of Education, we believe that building a future teaching profession is a shared responsibility. That's why we're committed to working with our community of students, alumni, education professionals, and community groups to make a meaningful impact in education.

We're here to enrich the knowledge and skills of future teachers through evidence-informed approaches that positively impact learner outcomes. Our commitment to the Science of Learning, Impactful Pedagogies, and Social Justice and Diversity guides our efforts to bring the essential knowledge needed for teachers to facilitate young people's learning.

Whether it's helping students learn to read, developing digital literacies, maximizing learning by understanding cognitive load theory, or implementing classroom management as a pedagogy, we're here to support educators in making a difference.

We pride ourselves on being comfortable in uncertainty and preparing our educators to navigate challenges and make an impact. We welcome education partners to work with us to address complex issues that affect our communities, and we're committed to working closely with governments and industry partners to solve current societal issues through quality education approaches.

At the School of Education, we believe that without education, there is no future. We're committed to the public good and strive to fulfill this mandate in all that we do, both locally and globally. Thank you for considering the School of Education as your partner in making a positive difference in the world of education.

Professor Joanna Barbousas
Dean, La Trobe School of Education