Engineering and IT Showcase

The School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences has a proud history of forming strong partnerships with industry and the local community, in Melbourne, Bendigo and beyond.

For almost 30 years, the School’s annual Engineering and IT Showcase features our most outstanding student projects, delivered in partnership with industry and government agencies.

The Showcase is open to employers, students, alumni, industry and schools. Visit the Showcase.

Going virtual

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Engineering and IT Showcase has moved online to an innovative, virtual space that represents our Engineering and Technology building at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus.

Visitors can access and network using on-demand booths that feature student and research projects, industry, outreach, product development, commercialisation and intellectual property.

The Showcase embodies our commitment to ensure that our students graduate ‘work ready’, by providing them with outstanding placement opportunities and exposure to industry projects.

Students can network with industry professionals and prospective employers. And, there is an awards ceremony to recognise the most outstanding projects.

The virtual event also provides the School with an opportunity to connect with our industry partners and celebrate our collaborative project outcomes.

We invite industry to contact us if they are interested in becoming a partner or exploring potential research and commercialisation ventures. Visit the Showcase.

Innovative projects

Our students undertake projects in an industry setting in cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence, information technology, electronic engineering, robotics, network engineering, civil engineering and advanced manufacturing.

Our students build on their theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills to develop innovative solutions to high-tech problems.

Engineering and information technology students also have an opportunity to secure a six-month placement in industry as part of our Work Integrated Learning or Industry Based Learning programs.

Becoming work ready

In his final year of a Master of Information Technology degree, Deiva Mani Kailasam worked with a water management company that provides a range of services including treatment, recycling and monitoring.

“Engineers currently visit each water management site to record specific measurements on paper service sheets, which are later entered into an online database,” explains Kailasam. “I developed a secure web-based application that replaces the existing paper-based procedure, introduces automation and enables new functionality.”

Kailasam presented his project at the 2020 Engineering and IT Showcase. “It was a great experience for me to showcase my work virtually to local businesses and recruiters, especially given the difficult circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Kailasam.

“I was very pleased to be offered a work placement interview by one of the showcase attendees. I have since secured the job, and I’m now a permanent employee working as a software developer.”

Harrison Godfrey is in his final year of our Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) degree. He completed his Work Integrated Learning experience with Total Property Developments (TPD), a local Bendigo land development engineering firm.

“I have developed a complete cost feasibility for a local subdivision in Bendigo,” he explains. “It includes calculating the carbon equivalence of a range of materials and their alternatives, collecting data for the current cost of civil works locally, and designing several preliminary plan options for a detailed comparison.”

Godfrey will present the project at the 2021 Engineering and IT Showcase. “Balancing work and study required advanced time management skills, which motivated me to find a project management program and adapt it for my specific situation,” he adds. “I now understand the importance of using sustainable and ethical materials in subdivision construction.”

Godfrey has secured a permanent full-time position with TPD as a Land Development Project Engineer.

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