La Trobe Eye Clinic

The La Trobe Eye Clinic provides high quality patient-centred care to the community that is grounded in evidence-based practice.

Our Clinic offers a wide range of services for children and adults with ocular motility and vision related disorders. We work to improve patient health outcomes, while educating the next generation of orthoptists in paediatrics, strabismus and eye movement disorders.

We are also partnering with the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, to deliver high quality paediatric care. Eligible patients of the Royal Children’s Hospital are co-managed by the La Trobe Eye Clinic and the hospital under an agreed set of protocols.

We are a healthcare clinic, so please to not attend if you are unwell.


Our services include:

  • Comprehensive vision, ocular motility and binocular vision assessments of children and adults
  • Management of children with amblyopia (patching or drops)
  • Investigation and management of disorders of convergence and accommodation, including those secondary to concussion, traumatic brain injury and stroke
  • Investigation and management of patients with diplopia (double vision), including prism correction
  • Pre-operative assessment of children and adults with strabismus (eye turn)
  • Myopia control for children that are short-sighted
  • A comprehensive evaluation of children referred with reading difficulties.

Opening hours

The La Trobe Eye Clinic is open Monday, and Wednesday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

The Clinic is closed on Tuesday, but reception is open for bookings.


All consultations cost $27, or $16 for individuals with a valid concession card.

Eye patches are sold onsite for $45 per pack (50 patches).

The Clinic accepts a wide range of referrals, including self-referrals and referrals from GPs, maternal and child health nurses, ophthalmologists, optometrists, allied health professionals and schools.

Maternal and child health nurses can refer by using our online form.

All other health professionals, teachers or parents can refer by emailing or faxing a referral to (03) 9479 5036. To discuss a referral, please contact the Clinic by telephone or email.


We are located at La Trobe University’s Melbourne campus in Bundoora.

By car

Enter the north entrance of La Trobe University at Kingsbury Drive.

Drive through car park 9 and follow the road to the turnoff to enter car park 9C.

You will see Health Sciences Clinic signs. Parking at this location is free for patients.

*Please arrive early for your appointment, obtain a free parking permit from reception and place it on your dashboard.

By public transport

86 Tram Bundoora RMIT – Waterfront City Docklands, stop 60.

Bus routes: 250, 350, 548, 550, and 551, La Trobe University Bus Terminus.


Please contact us to make an appointment.

Phone: (03) 9479 5831


Support our work

We are currently accepting donations towards:

  • Research into amblyopia (lazy eye) and the efficacy of amblyopia treatments.
  • Research into the relationship between binocular vision and learning difficulties.
  • A wide view fundus camera that will aid screening and assessment of children to identify eye disease.

Please note that donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia with 100% of your donation going directly to fund research or equipment.

We are also accepting donations of second hand equipment in good condition. Please contact for the donation of equipment.

Donate now.


No, while a referral can provide valuable information regarding the visual problem or health of the patient, it is not needed.

It is normal for a baby’s eyes to appear misaligned when very young, however, the eyes should appear straight from four months of age. An eye turn can be a sign of ocular pathology or a health condition and is reason for timely investigation.

The La Trobe Eye Clinic assess children for vision related disorders and problems affecting how the eyes work together, which may impact seeing and learning in the classroom.