Our research and its impact

La Trobe has a proud history of undertaking research to address pressing societal needs, never shying away from progressive and at times controversial topics. Our strong drive, combined with our breadth of expertise, means that La Trobe researchers are sought after for the understanding and impact that they bring to pressing questions.

An Impact Minute

At La Trobe, our researchers are making a real difference in the community, for the nation, and around the world. Got a minute to spare? Check out An Impact Minute in the playlist below (click the playlist icon on the top right to navigate all of them).

Our Research Impact Strategy

At La Trobe we’re committed to maximising the contribution our research makes to the economy, society, environment and culture, beyond the contribution to academic research. The Research Impact Strategy sets out the actions we will take to support our researchers to achieve this.

La Trobe Research Impact Strategy 2019-2022 [PDF 954.6KB]