Our research and its impact

What we’re working on

La Trobe’s ‘What we’re working on’ campaign highlights the world-class research we’re conducting to understand and solve real-world challenges.

Each month until October, we’ll explore four La Trobe research breakthroughs, offering revealing interviews with researchers, videos, behind-the-scenes photos and other supporting material.

Here’s a snapshot of this month’s features: authentic and engaging stories about La Trobe research and its impact on people and communities.

Helping those with autism thrive

Children with autism spectrum disorders are typically diagnosed late, however, the earlier a child starts that process, the sooner they can start treatment and reach their full potential. La Trobe researchers are at the forefront of early autism detection, using innovative technologies and methodologies.

Find out how La Trobe research helps those with autism thrive.

Saving the nation’s knees

La Trobe researchers have found that among people under 20 who’ve had ACL knee reconstruction surgery, one in three will suffer a second injury within five years. That can have a devastating psychological effect on young people, who naturally expect to be active for much longer.

Read how La Trobe research reduces ACL knee injuries.

Helpful bacteria

When most people think of bacteria, they think of dirt and disease. But not the researchers in La Trobe’s microbiology department. Their research shows there’s much more to bacteria than grime.

Learn how La Trobe research challenges negative feelings towards bacteria.

Water management

Water is a precious resource, but with climate change posing a real threat to supplies, we need to find better ways to manage it. La Trobe researchers are preparing for the future by learning from the past: examining the water infrastructure that sustained 19th-century Victorian goldfields.

Discover how La Trobe research leads the way in water management.

Upcoming research

Watch this space for next month’s featured research breakthroughs.

Research Focus Areas

La Trobe University is committed to solutions to global problems and improvement in the welfare of human societies. We are focusing on five research areas bringing together top researchers to address issues affecting the future of our national and global community.

Our research focuses on:

  • Building healthy communities
  • Securing food, water and the environment
  • Sport, exercise and rehabilitation
  • Transforming human societies
  • Understanding disease

The art and science of lasersMolecule of light by Chris Levine

Two La Trobe PhD students and molecular imaging researchers are exploring the many uses of lasers in art and science. Find out more about their research.

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Researchers video collection

Research is a key mission and we are committed to using the more than $60 million per annum in direct funding of research and research training to achieve maximum impact in our local, Victorian, national and international communities with which we work. Meet some of our researchers by viewing our 90 second research impact videos.

La Trobe research impacts

La Trobe has researchers working in 45 specific disciplines where Excellence in Research for Australia ranked us at or above world standard. Read our research impact statements to see the difference we are making.