Partner with us

Our partnerships support us to develop connections to the main beneficiaries of our work, including:

  • food processors
  • growers
  • nutritionists
  • consumers.

Meeting the needs of our beneficiaries is the aim of our research.

Who we partner with

Our partners support us in the stage our of research that meets their expertise and vision. We strive to validate and commercialise the grain technologies we develop in an adaptive, phased approach.

Our scientists work with:

  • agricultural economists
  • health and nutrition specialists
  • leading national and international food companies.

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Partnership opportunities

We are seeking a long-term partnership commitment of a 3-5 year funding cycle to a program of activities/projects that can be negotiated on an on-going basis. This enables us to plan long-term and match the investment in human capital.

By engaging with us early in our development, you'll have first mover advantages. This includes:

  • helping to identify constraints and threats to production in current farming systems. You will collaborate with us to improve these concerns.
  • identifying grain properties that are important to food processors, nutritionists and consumers. You will work with us to develop and commercialise these opportunities.
  • having input into education and training programs. This aims to prepare modern farmers and industry advisors for the internationally competitive market.

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