Close up photo of wheat plant. A world leading research and training institute delivering innovative solutions for sustainable and nutritious food production in a resource and climate-constrained world.

Our work

We aim to find solutions that enable sustainable agriculture that will provide food of the quality and quantity to meet global food challenges in coming decades.

This goal will be realised through:

  • collective intellectual capital (technical expertise),
  • physical infrastructure (AgriBio building),
  • regional campuses,
  • innovative solutions developed in partnership with the agriculture sector, food industries, government and other research institutions,
  • La Trobe’s Research & Innovation precinct offering unique partnering opportunities.

Support for LISAF

La Trobe University has made a strategic $25M cash commitment over 5 years for LISAF to leverage further matched funding to support basic and translational research and training in the agri-food sector. In addition, La Trobe’s visionary investment in the $288M world-class AgriBio building has cemented its reputation in agriculture and food biosciences, creating a platform for further investment in intellectual capital that will support LISAF.

Furthermore, La Trobe’s $5B University City of the Future initiative is ensuring further investment in unique infrastructure and capability to contribute to the whole of value chain innovation that will build critical scale to grow the ecosystem for the future of Australia’s agriculture and food sector.

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