Technology research

La Trobe's research strategy encourages innovation, specialisation and collaboration.

La Trobe University has a fine history as an excellent university with an enduring social conscience. As part of our Future Ready strategy, our plan is to grow and develop La Trobe's traditional leadership in areas of research, scholarship and learning that matters to the Australian community.

Technology development (5)

Biomedical & Environmental Sensor Technology Research Centre

blood glucose monitor in useFocused on the development of new sensing and imaging technology that will effect:

  • health monitoring
  • efficient energy use
  • better industrial processes
  • safer and more ethical food
  • a cleaner environment

These sensing and imaging technologies will play an important role in the age of digital health and personalised medicine.

Centre for Technology Infusion

Our core expertise is in the design and development of:

  • sensor systems
  • microchips
  • wired/wireless systems
  • system integration
  • complex data analytics.

Application areas include agri-tech, med-tech, defence, smart cities, energy, transportation and logistics. Our clients come to us to apply new technologies to their existing problems, which usually starts with a feasibility verification and can consequently result in prototype development, field trials, market-ready product development and integration with legacy systems.

Research Centre in Data Analytics and Cognition

The Research Centre for Data Analytics and Cognition (CDAC) aims to advance the paradigms of business analytics and data science.

This will be achieved by using over a decade of research in our specialty areas; allowing us to create new models, techniques and methods into the frontiers of:

  • cognitive science
  • artificial intelligence
  • computational neuroscience
  • cognitive psychology

The La Trobe Business School research centre brings together a team of experts in data analytics and technical capability in IT, providing the Centre with the capacity to carry out fundamental research in data mining, machine learning and cognitive computing.

La Trobe Cyber Security Research Hub

unlocked lock on laptopOne of the major cybersecurity problems that Australia and its allies contend with is the large volume of attacks on government and industry. We meet this challenge by:

  • identifying specific cybersecurity research areas that will deliver a comparative and  competitive advantage for Australian cybersecurity research and development.
  • strengthening partnerships between research institutions, governments and industry to scale  current efforts, leverage shared ideas, target research towards key emerging  challenges, and guide research and development towards strategic outcomes
  • linking cyber security research and development with commercialisation expertise
  • building depth and  expertise in Australia’s cyber security skills pipeline by connecting STEM  education, research and job opportunities.

La Trobe Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Graphic of a man looking over a city with tech icons.We work with existing La Trobe research, particularly in smart health and agriculture, by applying AI-empowered IoT technologies to these strategic sectors.

We also work with industry partners to deliver real-world industry solutions in areas such as:

  • Digital health
  • Digital agriculture
  • Industry 4.0
  • smart manufacturing
  • smart cities
  • smart transportation.

Advanced materials and surface science (1)

Centre for Materials and Surface Science

We bring together a variety of experts, to offer world class capabilities in nanocharacterisation focused on the surface science, analysis, imaging and synchrotron domains. Through La Trobe University we are a partner in the Australian National Fabrication Facility and a foundation investor in the Australian Synchrotron. We aim to:

  • promote co-operative activities and programs in education and research
  • encourage collaboration between local and international organisations
  • provide, receive and disseminate information in the areas of the centre.

National research centres (1)

La Trobe University participates in a number of collaborative research centres with other research organisations, industry and government bodies.

woman and male using blackboard to do equations

ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems

Established in 2003 and operating from three nodes:

Their vision is to be one of the world’s leading centres in mathematical and statistical analysis, design and optimisation of complex systems, and to apply that research for scientific, economic, social and environmental benefit.

The Centre also aims to reinforce the importance of mathematics and statistics across the spectrum of Australia’s scientific and technological development by maintaining an extensive and vigorous outreach program, encompassing schools, commerce and industry, and the broader research community in Australia.