Practical applications of surface analysis

Listed below are some of the areas of materials and surface science to which the techniques provided by CMSS can be applied. Requests for information on how we might assist in your particular area of research or operation can submitted using our online form.

Adhesion and coatings
  • Characterisation of surfaces before and after coating.
  • Correlation of adhesion with surface chemistry.
  • Forensic analysis of adhesion or coating failure.
  • Quality control.
Metallurgy and minerals
  • Mapping of elemental distributions on the surfaces of mineral particles.
  • Investigation of the evolution of surface oxides.
  • Correlation of mineral surface chemistry with flotation response.
  • Identification of elemental diffusion in metallic matrices.
  • Analysis of fracture faces.
  • Imaging of voids and inclusions.
  • Characterisation of component materials.
  • Chemical analysis of surface films and layered structures.
  • Chemical mapping of surface structures.
  • Identification of dopants and contaminants.
  • Detection of faults in microchips.
  • Chemical characterisation of surfaces and interfaces.
  • Validation of surface modifications.
  • Identification of additives.
  • Analysis of surface diffusion and phase separation (blooming).
Composite Materials
  • Detection of cracks and delamination.
  • Strain analysis of deformed materials.
Papers and packaging
  • Analysis of surface treatments for improved printability.
  • Imaging of cellulose fibres.
  • Chemical analysis of delaminated surfaces and other defects.
  • Investigation of the interactions of metal surfaces with their environment.
  • Determination of corrosion-layer growth rates.
  • Analysis of the degradation of protective coatings.
  • Characterisation of passivation layers.
  • Determination of corrosion distribution and porosity.
  • Identification of catalyst poisons.
  • Comparison of unused and spent catalysts.
  • Correlation of surface chemistry and catalytic activity.
  • Quality control.
Fibres and fabrics
  • Characterisation of textiles before and after surface treatments.
  • Analysis of cohesion in fibre-reinforced composite materials.
  • Determination of the textile structure in woven fabrics.
Biology and Medicine
  • Imaging the microstructure of bone and teeth.
  • Imaging the microstructure of insects.
  • Imaging of fossilised insects inside ambers.
  • Analysis of the microstructure in ancient vessels.