Consultation services

We are invested in helping services achieve practice change that delivers benefits to clients and their families.

We provide comprehensive consultation services that go beyond the delivery of training to help you work out the practice model that will best fit your organisation and how the new practice will be incorporated and sustained.

This can also include post-training supervision that increases the likelihood that your investment in workforce development will result in change.

Our consultation services can be provided in relation to practices covered in our professional development calendar or other family-based practice models. We can also work with you and your organisation to develop new or adapt existing practices for your service.

What we offer

Our experienced staff are available for:

  • primary consultations (working directly with families) or secondary consultations (discrete one-off case-based discussions)
  • facilitating reflective practice sessions (e.g. clinical supervision and supervision of supervision)
  • professional advice about building capacity within your team or organisation to work with families
  • professional support to help you achieve other realistic and measurable changes in service delivery, and more.

What you can expect

  • Consultants are selected to match the needs of your team or service. View our specialist areas to read about our areas of expertise and practical experience in training and capacity building.
  • Sessions can be delivered to existing structures such as team meetings, an interest group within your organisation or an entire team or service.
  • Sessions may be time-limited or ongoing
  • Sessions may be in person or via online technologies.

*Fees may be waived for Victorian government funded mental health service providers.

AAFT Accreditation and Requests for Individual Supervision from a Practising Family Therapist

We recommend that individual clinicians seeking regular one-on-one supervision from a qualified family therapist visit the Australian Association of Family Therapy’s website to ‘Find a Supervisor’ in their local area.

Contact us

Email our Business Manager, Penny Wong or call (03) 8481 4800 to discuss your needs and be connected with a suitably experienced consultant.