Nutritional response of Black Box

The Black Box tree, Eucalyptus largiflorens is integral to the habitat architecture of environmentally significant floodplain ecosystems within Australia’s Murray Darling Basin.

The reasons for the apparent poor condition of this species in sections of the Murray Darling Basin are not fully understood.

There is currently no knowledge about Black Box nutritional dynamics in relation to the effects of variables such as climate, water availability and soil chemistry.

This long-term field study is occurring in Hattah Kulkyne National Park, located in the northwestern regions of Victoria.

We are tracking Black Box nutrition and soil chemistry changes before, during and after a major environmental water release event.

The plant nutritional and soil chemical data will be integrated to gain new perspectives on the effects of flooding on plant-soil nutritional relationships associated with Black Box tree.

Project partners

  • Australian Research Council
  • Eucalypt Australia