The Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Disease Research works with a number of key partners.

Australian Cardiovascular Alliance

The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance (ACvA) is the national peak leadership body for cardiovascular research. Our centre has an ongoing partnership with ACvA. Together, we are working towards building a national collabortive network of cardiovascular research aimed at reducing the burdern of the disease. The centre is a founding institutional member of the ACvA and more than half of our centre members hold individual memberships. Professor Chris Sobey sits on the Board of Directors of the ACvA, while Professor Grant Drummond and Associate Professor Alex Pinto are co-directors of the Drug Discovery and Translation and Disease Mechanisms Flagships, respectively.

Beluga Foundation

We receive generous support from the Beluga Foundation to enable the translation of our preclinical stroke research into clinical trials. Since 2018, we have partnered with the Beluga Foundation to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of amnion cell therapy in people who have experienced a stroke within the previous 24 hours. A Phase 1 trial has been performed in patients to confirm safety of this therapy, with a Phase 2 trial to test for effectiveness scheduled to begin in 2023.