About the Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Disease Research (CCBDR)

Cardiovascular disease refers to chronic diseases involving the heart and/or blood vessels.

Cardiovascular disease refers to chronic diseases involving the heart and/or blood vessels, often leading to heart attack, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease. Cardiovascular disease is also a major cause of dementia.

In Australia, 4 million people suffer from cardiovascular disease, costing the economy $5 billion annually. Alarmingly, cardiovascular disease claims more than 40,000 Australian lives per year, with the highest death rates amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, socioeconomically disadvantaged groups, and those living in remote and regional areas. It is for these reasons that cardiovascular disease is recognised as a National Health Priority area by the Australian Government.

There is an urgent need for more research and greater public awareness to address the enormous health and economic impacts of cardiovascular disease.

The Centre for Cardiovascular Biology and Disease Research was established in 2018 by Professors Chris Sobey and Grant Drummond. In just four years, the Centre has attracted more than $10 million in research funding and is now home to 60 research staff and students, making it one of the largest cardiovascular research groups in Australia.

Research in the Centre spans the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases including:

  • hypertension
  • stroke
  • heart failure
  • vascular dementia.

The Centre also studies obesity and diabetes to better understand how these conditions lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Our researchers utilise leading animal, organoid and cell culture models, and cutting-edge technologies including mouse genetics, physiology, immunology, genomics and molecular imaging. This enables translation of discoveries into novel diagnostics, preventions and treatments for cardiovascular disease. Our experimental findings on cell therapy in stroke have recently been translated into Phase I and Phase II clinical trials.

Our Centre is located in the heart of Melbourne’s northern metropolitan area, serving a community that is disproportionately impacted by the devastating consequences of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Our researchers work closely with the local community through public awareness campaigns, high school education programs, and partnerships with local government, health care providers and industries. The Centre also seeks input from members of the local community for strategic decision making, research planning and dissemination of findings.