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The partnership between the Royal Melbourne Hospital and La Trobe University is strengthening the evidence base for allied health and nursing.

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ARCH Director - The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Dr Karen Lawrence is interim Director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital ARCH and Director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School, in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at La Trobe University. As Clinical School Director, she leads and manages academic staff located at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School and oversees the resourcing of coursework delivery. Dr Lawrence is passionate about improving the quality of learning in the clinical environment. She is interested in student learning and engagement, teaching and curriculum development, and simulated learning.

Research group

Tony McGillion is Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing Practice and Director of Partnerships at La Trobe University. He has worked in public and private healthcare in the United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East and spent two years leading the Nursing and Midwifery Workforce team at the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Transition to practice and work readiness of graduates is of interest, as is the recognition and support of future nursing leaders. He is currently completing his doctorate, focusing on the lessons that can be learned for future nursing policymaking in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karen Willis is Professor of Allied Health Research at La Trobe University. She is a health sociologist and qualitative methodologist whose research focuses on navigating healthcare, chronic condition self-management, navigating the healthcare system and the issue of loneliness for people with chronic conditions. She is currently investigating the use of complementary and alternative medicines for mental health and capacity building for research on complex interventions.

Dr Sinead Barry is a mental health nurse and educator at the La Trobe University/the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School. She completed her PhD on undergraduate nursing students’ understandings of mental health in 2019. Dr Barry and Associate Professor Louise Ward recently won a Learning and Teaching Award for developing stARTalking, an innovative program that enhances communication skills for undergraduate nursing students.

Lauren Zarb joined the La Trobe University/the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School in January 2018 and is undertaking her PhD on ‘A job demand – Resource Model of Burnout in Cancer Nurses.’ She is an oncology nurse with extensive clinical experience in cancer and palliative care. Ms Zarb is also third year coordinator for nursing and midwifery students.

Fergus Campbell is the second year coordinator at the Royal Melbourne Clinical School. His areas of interest are orthopaedic nursing, student learning, teaching and curriculum development. He is currently completing his PhD on how decisions are made when clinical nurse educators are assessing undergraduate students on placement.


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