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The partnership between the Royal Melbourne Hospital and La Trobe University is strengthening the evidence base for allied health and nursing.

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ARCH Director - The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Associate Professor Casey Peiris holds a joint position between La Trobe University and Melbourne Health as the ARCH Director and Head of Allied Health Research at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. She completed her PhD on models of inpatient rehabilitation delivery and has since published more than 65 research papers related to physiotherapy, physical activity, chronic disease and rehabilitation which have been cited more than 1,000 times. Her work is highly relevant to allied health and health services and has been included in national rehabilitation guidelines. As a clinician, she worked with clients with chronic disease, and now her academic expertise is also in chronic disease prevention and management. She is currently leading a number of projects to improve the recognition and management of metabolic syndrome to prevent future chronic disease and healthcare burden. As ARCH Director at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, Dr Peiris supports clinician-initiated projects to improve safety, quality of care, patient and health service outcomes and to implement evidence into practice to ensure the Royal Melbourne Hospital is a great place to work and receive care.

Research group

Associate Professor Karen Lawrence is the Director of the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School, in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at La Trobe University. As Clinical School Director, she leads and manages academic staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School and oversees the resourcing of coursework delivery. Dr Lawrence is Associate Dean Learning & Teaching and is passionate about improving the quality of learning in the clinical environment. She is interested in student learning and engagement, teaching and curriculum development, and simulated learning.

Niki Lillibridge joined La Trobe in 2021 as a Lecturer in Nursing, she is currently the Third Year Undergraduate  Coordinator for the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical School and the Postgraduate coordinator of the Acute Care stream within the Master of Nursing. Niki works in the Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her clinical specialities include the deteriorating patient, advanced life support and clinician communication/non-technical skills during resuscitation. Her education focus includes student centred learning and engagement.

Kathryn Salamone is the First Year Nursing Coordinator/RMH, commencing in this role 2022. She is passionate about supporting and preparing nurses to develop throughout the trajectory of their nursing career, and focuses on current practice issues and the ever-changing work environment that provides challenges for nurses today. Kathryn’s professional interests include nursing professional development, models of nursing care delivered in the acute hospital setting, Nurse Rounding, dementia, and the care of older people in acute care.

Karen Willis is Professor of Allied Health Research at La Trobe University. She is a health sociologist and qualitative methodologist whose research focuses on navigating healthcare, chronic condition self-management, navigating the healthcare system and the issue of loneliness for people with chronic conditions. She is currently investigating the use of complementary and alternative medicines for mental health and capacity building for research on complex interventions.


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