The Genomics Platform offers training workshops from time to time. If you would like to express interest in any of the courses below, or suggest other potential workshops please contact us at: related training and workshops can also be found on the Digital research website.

DIY Workshops

The following workshop material is available for researchers to work along by themselves.  If you need a Unix computer to use please contact

Introduction to Unix

Knowledge of the Unix operating system is fundamental to being productive on HPC systems such as LIMS-HPC. This workshop will introduce you to the fundamental Unix concepts by way of a series of hands-on exercises. In particular you will learn how to do the following things:

  • Log into a Unix machine remotely
  • Organise your files into directories
  • Change file permissions to improve security and safety
  • Create and edit files with a text editor
  • Copy files between directories
  • Use command line programs to manipulate files
  • Automate your workflow using shell scripts

The workshop is intended for beginners with no prior experience in Unix, and is recommended as a prerequisite for other more advanced workshops.

Training Materials

Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC)

Using High Performance Computing (HPC) resources such as LIMS-HPC in an effective and efficient manner is key to modern Research.  This workshop will introduce you to HPC environments and getting on with research. In particular you will learn:

  • What is HPC?
  • Loading software modules
  • Submitting jobs
  • Selecting job queues
  • Monitoring your job’s progress
  • What resources can I request?
  • Selecting appropriate resources

Prerequisites: You will need a basic understanding of Unix, or you should have attended an 'Introduction to Unix' workshop in the past.

Training Materials