Next-Generation Sequencing

The Genomics Platform features many state-of-the-art next generation sequencing instruments.


  • Library preparation*: using standard Illumina kits
  • Sample/Library QC*:
  • Library sequencing:
  • Grants: work quoting / estimates for grant applications




  • Small to medium scale sequencing capacity (<8 Gb)
  • De novo genome sequencing of small to medium sized genomes
  • Exome sequencing
  • Transcriptome sequencing
  • Genotyping by sequencing (RADseq)Targeted re-sequencing (e.g. sequencing of disease-associated genes in a patient cohort).



  • 300 bp PE
  • 25 million reads per run.

NextSeq 500



  • 150 PE
  • 400 million reads per run.


  • 150 PE
  • 130 million reads per run.

2200 TapeStation


  • RNA, DNA and protein sample QC

Bioruptor Standard UCD-200

Diagenode’s Bioruptor ® Standard uses a gentle method of sonication to retain the integrity of DNA and/or biological complexes, including chromatin, protein-protein binding, protein-DNA complexes and other biochemical and biological assay systems.

User Manual

10X Genomics Chromium single cell sequencing technology

The platform has acquired the state-of-the-art 10X Genomics Chromium single cell sequencing technology that will enable the genetic profiling of individual cells in heterogeneous populations or tissues. This will be provided as a service through the platform.


If you wish to submit some samples to be sequenced using our facility, please complete a Quote / Project Checklist below. Our team will contact you to arrange a quote and a date when it can be performed.

Quote / Project Checklist

If you wish to have a consultation it can be arranged after completing the checklist.

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