08 Dec 2009Rascal Flats fossil site

VIDEO: A 9 metre long ancient bipedal herbivore from Queensland.

07 Dec 2009'Our Water, Our Future'

A unique cultural exchange unfolds between Australia and China

02 Dec 2009Refugee student succeeds at La Trobe

Abdihakim Sharif talks about La Trobe

13 Nov 2009Plans unveiled for LIMS

Minister Kim Carr announces LIMS plans

22 Oct 2009The Mystery Doll at La Trobe

LUMA Curator Vincent Alessi talks about the statue of Charles La Trobe

05 Oct 2009Helping the rural aged population

VIDEO: The John Richards Initiative researches rural aged services

28 Sep 2009La Trobe author writes new history

VIDEO: Marilyn Lake nominated for prime minister's award

26 Aug 2009'Care' robots on campus for Open Day

'Care' robots on campus for Open Day

04 Aug 2009Study examines teenagers and their sexual health

Teenagers surveyed on sexual health

14 Jul 2009Snails take serotonin to heart

Snails could be the key to reducing heart disease

15 Jun 2009$230m research centre begins construction

Work has commenced on a new $230 million Biosciences Research Centre

03 Jun 2009From the 'rat race' to the uni library

VIDEO CLIP: La Trobe is focused on getting mature-age students into University

12 May 2009$123.7m to transform science and health

VIDEO CLIP: $123.7m Federal funding to transform La Trobe science and rural health

08 Apr 2009A new piece of the puzzle

VIDEO CLIP: $4 million autism childcare centre to open at La Trobe

01 Apr 2009Dental students given something to smile about

VIDEO CLIP: New $1.9 million dental labs for Bendigo campus

24 Feb 2009Decision making in the face of fire

Dr Mary Omodei researches how decisions are made in controlling fires

28 Jan 2009New research for improved bionic ear begins at La Trobe

VIDEO CLIP: launch of the Hearing and Neuroscience Unit

02 Dec 2008Solar power station gets green tick

30 new solar panels have been installed, generating power and learning

19 Jun 2008Scientists Patent New Role for Sharks - giving antibodies to save lives

Scientists at La Trobe are pioneering a new technology using modified shark antibodies in therapeutic interventions against disease

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