'Our Water, Our Future'

La Trobe University has welcomed 15 Chinese students from China who have arrived in Melbourne as part of ‘Our Water, Our Future,’ a collaboration between La Trobe University and the Peking University

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Narration: Our Water, Our future is a unique cross cultural student exchange program between La Trobe University and Peking University.  The program is focused on how Australia and China can learn from each others sustainability challenges.  15 students from Peking University visited the La Trobe Bundoora campus for two weeks.  They learnt about Australia’s approach to water conservation and the impact of human activities on the parched Australian environment.    

Yinan Zhoa:  In recent years the Chinese Government noticed a problem and they wanted to protect the environment and also to solve the water problem as a whole. We also know that Australia have a lot of problems because you have a lot of deserts and so we have a similar situation so we can communicate and learn from each other.

Narration:  The students took part in cultural activities and visited places of ecological importance, including the Sugar Loaf water reservoir in Yarra Glen.

Boyang Zhang:  We really want the world to hear our voice, to really emphasize the importance that we should care more about this world, about this environment, so that we, and further generations can lead a better life.  

Narration:  15 La Trobe students will now travel to Peking University to research ecological issues from a Chinese perspective.  This collaboration highlights the important aspect of international partnerships in gathering knowledge that is beneficial to both the students and more importantly the wider community.

Group: We come from come from Peking University China and we’re here in Melbourne for ‘Our Water, Our Future.’