Past Ideas and Society events

  • Thursday 21 July 05:00pm
    Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine has shocked most of the world. To consider the different explanations for Russia’s behaviour and ambitions, La Trobe’s Ideas and Society Program has assembled an outstanding panel moderated by Professor Martin Krygier AM —Professor Paul Dibb AM, Dr Robert Horvath, and Dr Carrie McDougal – to consider questions critical to the future of the Ukraine, Europe and the world.

  • Thursday 28 April 05:00pm
    Since the arrival of the pandemic in Australia, there have been some 400 Covid-related deaths among those under 60 and 5,000 among those 60 years of age and above. Is the withdrawal of restrictions, certain to affect elderly citizens disproportionately, an instance of what has come to be called “age-ism”? Or have extended lockdowns or equivalents taken too great a toll on mental health, especially of the young?

  • Tuesday 05 April 05:00pm
    More than a year since the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety published its eight volume Report, the crisis in Australia’s Aged Care Homes is greater now than at any time in the sector’s history. Join this discussion on what is now happening inside Australia’s aged care homes, what are the reasons for the crisis, and what are the possible ways forward.

  • Thursday 09 December 05:30pm
    La Trobe University’s celebration of Fran Kelly’s achievement represents one opportunity to express our collective gratitude. You are cordially invited to join us in an event that ought not to be missed.