Past Ideas and Society events

Ideas & Society: The Tragedy of Afghanistan: What Can We Do Now?

Wednesday 22 September 05:00pm

The general public in the nations that have been at war with the Taliban in Afghanistan for the past twenty years were unprepared for the surrender of the Afghan government, the capitulation of the Afghan armed forces and the emergency evacuation of tens of thousands of Afghans to whom we owed protection.

Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull discuss

Tuesday 10 August 05:00pm

La Trobe University is honoured and delighted that Kevin Rudd AC and Malcolm Turnbull AC, two respected and perceptive former Australian Prime Ministers, have agreed to come together online with Dr Bec Strating, Executive Director of La Trobe Asia, to discuss some of the most critical questions posed for Australia and the world by China’s rapid rise.

Coronavirus Vaccine Mass Production in Laboratory

Thursday 10 June 05:00pm

The manner in which the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled has thrown light on the institutions and political culture of all contemporary societies. Concerning Australia there are many questions—flattering, puzzling and sometimes disturbing.

Getting to Zero: Alan Finkel and Tim Flannery

Thursday 15 April 05:00pm

There is no question of greater significance for the future of humankind than global warming. There is no task more pressing and difficult than the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

david anderson - Managing Director, ABC

Monday 15 March 05:00pm

ABC Managing Director David Anderson will speak about the role of the ABC not only as a trusted source of valued news, information and entertainment but also the importance of supporting Australian stories across the creative industries.

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