Past events

Bold Thinking Social Justice

Wednesday 14 November 06:15pm

Join a conversation between three of this country’s most perceptive and respected social justice advocates and activists—Cassandra Goldie CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services, Frank Brennan CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia and Cornelia (Conny) Lenneberg, Executive Director of Brotherhood of St Laurence. The event will also feature a welcome address from La Trobe's Vice Chancellor, Professor John Dewar.

Jane Caro in conversation on feminism.

Thursday 11 October 06:15pm

The “third wave” of the great but still incomplete feminist revolution began half a century ago. Last year a new frontier erupted spontaneously. Global wide and driven by social media, the #MeToo movement targeted the predatory sexual behaviour of men, especially but not only the rich and famous, towards which the cultures of Western nations had for so long turned a blind eye. At the same time, some feminists turned their attention to another equally pressing but all too often overlooked question—the precarious situation of older, single women. Among non-indigenous Australians, it is this group that sits uncomfortably at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder.

Thursday 27 September 06:30pm

Our world faces a crisis perhaps greater than any humankind has previously faced—climate change. Unless nations take emergency action in the immediate future, the climate scientists have warned that the kind of Earth on which humans and other species have flourished over several millennia will be lost—forever.

The Honorable Kevin Rudd and Terry Moran AC on stage at ACMI.

Monday 16 July 06:30pm

Both The Honorable Kevin Rudd and Terry Moran AC are unusually thoughtful and reflective political thinkers who once held offices of greatest responsibility—Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia and Moran as the public servant Rudd chose as Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Department. You are invited to join them at La Trobe’s Ideas & Society Program on what is certain to be a fascinating and illuminating conversation about the governance of Australia. Professor Kerri-Lee Krause will facilitate this event.

Thursday 14 June 06:45pm

Join Noel Pearson and Megan Davis for a conversation that will help determine Australia’s future—the relations between its Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Thursday 03 May 06:30pm

Gillian Triggs and Julian Burnside came together for a fascinating conversation of national importance as they considered how the regime of human rights in Australia can best be defended and extended.

Wednesday 11 April 07:15am

Keynote Address from the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs followed by a La Trobe University panel discussion.

Monday 19 March 06:30pm

Tim Costello and Jon Faine in an enlightening conversation which examined pathways towards building a better Australia

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