Media Alert: Federal Politics Experts

The following La Trobe University academics are available for comment and analysis on issues arising from the 47th Parliament of Australia.

Expert areas covered

  • Politics, Media and Economics
  • Foreign Affairs and Politics
  • Climate Change and Environmental Policy
  • Social Security, Disability, Aged Care, Rural Health and Mental Health
  • Education Policy

Please contact the Media Team for other areas or assistance contacting experts.

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Politics, Media and Economics

  • Dr Andrea Carson, Associate Professor of Politics and Media
    Misinformation, disinformation, the digital campaigns for the election, gender  
  • Dr Judith Brett, Emeritus Professor of Politics
    Australian politics, political history, Labor party 
  • Dr Nasya Bahfen, Senior Lecturer in Journalism
    Diversity, raced-based policies, candidates running on divisive or controversial platforms 
  • Dr Kevin Brianton, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
    Political messaging, campaign tactics and media strategy  
  • Associate Professor Jasmine Westendorf, Senior Lecturer in International Relations
    International aid and development issues and foreign policy issues related to wars/peace/United Nations.
    Email: M: 0450 223 056
  • Ian Tulloch, Adjunct Research Fellow
    Australian federal and state politics; regional politics; electoral politics; environmental and water politics; industrial relations/unions and politics 

Foreign Affairs and Politics

  • Professor Nick Bisley, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Asia’s international relations, Australian foreign and defence policy 
  • Dr Robert Horvath, Senior Lecturer in Politics
    Russia-Ukraine war; Russian propaganda; Russian politics; Russian foreign policy; Vladimir Putin 
  • Dr Bec Strating, Director of La Trobe Asia
    Australian foreign and defence policy, maritime security
  • Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi, Lecturer in International Relations
    Middle-east relations, Afghanistan, political violence, peacebuilding, post-conflict politics 
  • Associate Professor Dirk Tomsa, Professor in Politics
    Southeast Asia -  Australia relations, Indonesia, Australia-Indonesia relations
    Email: Mobile: 0427 105 284

Climate Change and Environmental Policy

  • Dr Kathleen Birrell, Lecturer La Trobe Law School
    Climate change law, politics around climate change, environmental policy 

Social Security, Disability, Aged Care, Rural Health and Mental Health

  • Professor Jane Mills, Dean, La Trobe Rural Health School
    Rural health, health workforce, health system strengthening and nursing education  
  • Professor Irene Blackberry, Director John Richards Centre for Rural Ageing
    Ageing, aged care policy, rural ageing, chronic diseases including dementia and diabetes  
  • Professor Christine Bigby, Director Living with Disability Research Centre
    Disability policy, social inclusion, abuse of people with disabilities 
  • Dr Darren O’Donovan, Senior Lecturer La Trobe Law School
    NDIS funding, disability policy and law 
  • Dr Chris Maylea, Associate Professor La Trobe Law School
    Mental health law, mental health policy, forensic mental health, disability law, people who use mental health services
    Email: M: 0439 463 255

Education Policy

  • Professor Joanna Barbousas, Dean of Education
    Education policy, teacher education, teacher progression, innovative learning options 

LGBTIQ people and the law

  • Dr Matthew Mitchell, crime, justice and legal studies, Dept of Social Inquiry
    LGBTIQ people and the law, criminal justice, transgender and gender diverse people in law and policy.

Key areas of research at La Trobe University

  • Agriculture, Food and Environment
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Society, Education and Social Change
  • Digital Innovation and Transformation.

Please contact the Media Team for other areas or assistance contacting experts.