Best of both worlds for Priscila

Brazilian expat and now Mildura local Priscila Marques De Sousa says she feels like she has the best of both worlds, studying Psychological Science online whilst benefiting from on campus student experiences.

Priscila migrated to Australia from Brazil in 2015 and previous to pursuing Psychology, worked as a nurse back in her home country.

“I was born in Brazil and was raised speaking three languages - Brazilian Portuguese, English, and Spanish. I can speak fluently those languages, but as I grew older, I also learnt a bit of Italian.

“When I moved to Australia I experienced some homesickness initially, then I fell in love with this new country and its wonderful people very quickly. I still want to travel to other countries and experience new cultures, but just to visit and come back home - I don’t ever think about living anywhere else but here.  I recently passed my citizenship test, so will soon become an Australian citizen,” Priscila says.

Priscila says she had wanted to pursue psychology since finishing high school, but life got in the way.

“When I had the opportunity to finally study what I always wanted (even if that was in a different country!), I grabbed the chance and decided to start the Psychological Sciences course, which will take me to the path I always dreamt of.

“Psychology has been something that interested me since I was a child.   I was always curious to know why people act and react to different situations in a very particular way.  I am so passionate about how the human brain functions, emotions, feelings, and behaviours are so connected and complicated at the same time.”

During her time studying at La Trobe, Priscila has taken every opportunity to benefit from on campus experiences.  She works for the university in a casual role as a Student Ambassador, recently signed on to be part of the La Trobe Student Association Mildura Council, has attended various university social and industry networking events via the Regional Connect program and late last year took part in a La Trobe Rural Health School Innovation Sprint!

“I’ve found studying online is not so different from face-to-face classes, since we have the same schedule as face to face students.  I try to connect with my campus and with students from my area every time I can, even if they are from different courses.  That way I have the best of both worlds and don’t feel like I am missing some part of my academic experience.

“Studying online is flexible in the sense that you study in your own home, or wherever you prefer.  Now I have more time to dedicate to my degree because my little girl started school and my classes are at the same time as school goes, so, she studies at school, and I study at home. It’s a win-win.”