The Inhuman in the Human: Laws for the Anthropocene - Early Career Masterclass

Early Career Academics (including doctoral researchers) are invited to participate in a masterclass, to develop works in progress and to engage with the work of Professor Margaret Davies.

La Trobe Law School, Melbourne, Australia

International and Comparative Law Cluster

21 July 2023

Masterclass Applications

Participants are invited from a range of scholarly fields, not limited to law. Professor Davies will read and comment on the work of three participants. Up to four non-presenting participants who wish to participate in the discussion will also be accepted for attendance.

How to Apply

Presenting Participants

Applications are due by Friday 31 March 2023 and should be submitted via email to

In a one-page application letter, presenting participants should include:

  1. Your research interests
  2. The project on which you would like Professor Davies to comment
  3. Why you would like to participate in this workshop
  4. Whether you would like to attend as a non-presenting participant in the alternative

Applicants may also attach a short CV in support.

On acceptance, presenting participants should submit up to 3 000 words of writing by 11.59pm Sunday 18 June
2023. The writing submission could be part of a thesis chapter, article, book proposal, grant application or other piece that addresses the workshop theme. If you submit an excerpt from a thesis, please also provide a 300-word abstract of the thesis.

Expression of Interest

Both presenting and non-presenting participants are expected to read the readings and writing submissions in
advance of the workshop, which will be provided prior to the workshop.

Please address any further questions to Dr. Kathleen Birrell at

Photo by Casey Horner, Unsplash