Placement inspires future career

Dan Marthick-Hone's clinical placement in an Intensive Care Unit in Alice Springs confirmed why nursing is the career for him

Making the change from chiropractor to nurse was the right choice for Dan Marthick-Hone, who was keen to pursue a diverse and flexible career in healthcare.

“I decided to make the change to nursing because it opens up numerous opportunities, from hospitals and clinics to home healthcare and advanced practice roles.”

“I chose La Trobe University for its excellent reputation in nursing, commitment to practical experience and modern facilities. I also received recognition for prior learning, allowing me to complete the degree in just two years instead of three,” he says.

Dan says the highlight of La Trobe’s Bachelor of Nursing was clinical placement, in particular his time in an Intensive Care Unit in Alice Springs.

“During my degree, I've had the privilege of undertaking placements in a variety of healthcare settings, but a standout would have to be my three weeks in an ICU in Alice Springs.”  

“The ICU environment is highly complex, and it requires nurses to make rapid, informed decisions. It was a chance to apply the knowledge I've gained in a real-world setting and to collaborate with highly skilled healthcare professionals,” he explains.

“This experience enhanced my nursing capabilities and provided a deep sense of fulfillment in providing critical care to patients. My time in Alice Springs also enriched my cultural awareness as I had the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population. This experience was truly remarkable.”

After graduating this year, Dan will embark on a graduate year with Austin Health.

“I am thrilled to have secured a graduate year with Austin Health, this is a fantastic opportunity for me to further develop my nursing skills and knowledge in a supportive and dynamic environment.”

“Looking beyond the graduate year, I am open to the wide array of possibilities that may come my way. The flexibility and diverse opportunities in nursing are what make this profession so exciting, and I'm eager to continue learning and growing as a nurse in whatever direction my career takes me.”