Mildura extends partnership to Bendigo Pioneers

La Trobe University Mildura are committing to deepening the University’s sponsorship of Bendigo Pioneers after the teams’ recent visit to Mildura in July.

Mildura has always been an active recruiting ground for the La Trobe University Bendigo Pioneers and Head of La Trobe’s Mildura Campus, Sandy Connor, says she wants more local young people to benefit from the Pioneers satellite program in Mildura.

“For us as a campus, we want to help provide our young local people the opportunity to fulfil their potential.  We will provide two $1,000 relocation bursaries, one each for a male and female player who needs to relocate from Mildura to Bendigo to play in the Pioneers team. We are also committing $4,000 in 2023, increasing to $5,000 in 2024 to the Pioneers, which will help support their satellite program here in Mildura.”

The boys and girls La Trobe University Bendigo Pioneers teams travelled to Mildura in July, to compete against the Calder Cannons at the Mildura Sporting Precinct. The trip was a great opportunity for Mildura local and Assistant Coach, Jeremy Rodi, to head home and showcase the local facilities to the Pios players.

“We are looking forward to hosting the Pioneers at the Mildura campus for an information night later this year and working more closely with players around study opportunities, here in Mildura or Bendigo.  There is a strong connection between Mildura and the Bendigo Pioneers, so I’m proud that La Trobe Mildura can support the teams,” Sandy said.

La Trobe University had held a sports industry partnership with the Bendigo Pioneers since 2012, that was recently extended through to 2025.  During La Trobe’s time as the team’s major sponsor, close to 90 placement opportunities have been facilitated through the Pioneers program.  The Pioneers also employ La Trobe graduates in physiotherapy and exercise science roles and have partnered on industry PhD projects.