Inspirational teachers in Computer Science and Information Technology

Meet our inspirational teachers and find out how they are preparing our students for the workforce

Dr Jabed Chowdhury

Dr Jabed Chowdhury (pictured above), Lecturer in Computer Science and Information Technology, who has recently presented with Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Award believes a welcoming classroom creates the best learning environment.

Leading in cybersecurity. I teach Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. These subjects are taught as part of the Bachelor of Cybersecurity and the Masters of Cybersecurity. Penetration Testing teaches students how to test the security of systems and networks before the hackers brake in. Digital Forensics helps law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute cyber criminals. And Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are trends at the forefront of a new digital paradigm.

Authentic teaching. I strive to create authentic and exciting learning experiences for my students. As an early career teacher, I have loved the opportunity to make learners the problem solvers, where they work beside professionals to solve real world cybersecurity challenges. I use different teaching methodologies – including game-based learning, flipped classrooms, peer review and authentic assessment – to motivate my students and create interest in the learning materials.

Kicking goals. As a teacher, I love it when my students achieve their personal goals and apply their newly-acquired knowledge to solve problems in cybersecurity. My focus is to produce graduates who are ‘job-ready’. I feel proud when my students land their dream jobs. It’s nice to see their success and know that I played a small part in it.

Dr Rajalakshmi Rajasekaran

Dr Rajalakshmi Rajasekaran , Lecturer in Computer Science and Information Technology, fosters students’ learning through creative thinking.

Technical knowledge, soft skills. I teach business and information technology, and project management subjects. In these subjects students learn technical knowledge but they also develop their professional and management skills. It is this combined skillset that gives students a competitive edge.

From theory to practice. Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” This is my teaching philosophy. I make sure that students are not just learning a concept or theory, but are also thinking creatively about how it can be applied to solve information technology problems.

A positive impact. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to teach these young and brilliant students, who come from all over the world, and from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Being able to make a positive contribution to the next generation brings me great satisfaction.

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