Digital Innovation Hub partners with Cisco NIIN network and showcases Webex Hologram

La Trobe University connects to Cisco's National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN) to drive digital industry projects for significant impacts across Australian communities.

The Digital Innovation Hub, powered by the co-location of three leading digital labs in the one facility: La Trobe’s Centre for AI and IoT; Cisco Innovation Central Melbourne, and the Optus 5G Lab, is a member of Cisco’s leading National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN).

The NIIN is an alliance between industry and universities drive by one goal: to realise digital opportunities that can benefit the lives of all Australians. Through this partnership, La Trobe University is now connected to an Australian-wide network of Innovation Central facilities covering Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. Each Innovation Central location is staffed with Alliance Managers, focused on driving project execution and providing partnership value. Proudly, La Trobe University hosts the only Victorian-based Innovation Central facility in the Digital Innovation Hub.

Through the NIIN network, La Trobe established a Research Chair, Professor Wei Xiang, Professor of AI and Internet of Things (IoT), who is the Director of the Cisco-La Trobe Centre for AI and IoT. Prof Xiang is engaged with Innovation Central Melbourne and focuses on the research and development strengths in AI and machine learning IoT, data analytics, computer vision, 5G/6G and IoT communications and digital twins.

Professor Xiang, Director of the Cisco-La Trobe Centre for AI and IoT explains “As a founding member of the NIIN, LTU has not only contributed to the inception of the NIIN but benefiting considerably from our close connections with it.”

The Cisco-La Trobe Centre for AI and IoT is a specialised research centre under the NIIN, which is an Australian first specialising in the intersection between AI and IoT technologies.

“Through working closely with Cisco and other NIIN partners, the Centre work on industry-driven projects that have great potential to deliver significant impacts to Australia and its people and communities.” Professor Xiang said.

The NIIN and the La Trobe’s Digital Innovation Hub continue to work on projects of national significance, including securing critical infrastructure, education, digital health, net zero and hybrid work through a range of initiatives such as partnerships, research chairs, innovation and specialised centres, and digital skills for the future.  ​

Powered by our partnership, the La Trobe Digital Innovation Hub currently is hosting the new Cisco Webex Hologram technology. The Webex Hologram boasts a real-time, photorealistic holographic interaction that goes beyond conventional video conferencing for a truly immersive experience.​

The device is one of only five available in the world, and in the demonstration video, viewers can see a comparison of the hologram next to a person in the real-world, linked via a standard Cisco Webex device.​ The Webex Hologram Device is version 0.8.

Over the next 12 months, the Digital Innovation Hub will be utilising the Hologram in research and development projects for healthcare, mining and defence.

For an on-site demo of the Cisco Webex Hologram, or to experience the La Trobe Digital Innovation Hub, please connect with us at